Let's Predict - The Council Episode 5

What will happen to Louis in The Council's finale?

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2018

The Council's penultimate episode dropped a lot of heavy pieces of information. The finale is going to have a massive conclusion judging from everything that the previous episode set up. Here are our predictions for The Council Episode 5. For the sake of the branching paths, we're going to avoid predictions grounded in optional choices.

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Louis Finds Out He's Stronger Than Mortimer

One of the biggest plot twists is finding out that your Mother isn't your Mother, but actually, your step sister who Mortimer rejected because she wasn't powerful enough. This led to a crusade of kidnapping Mortimer's children, one of which was Louis.

Turns out that Louis is much more powerful and capable of easily learning his abilities. Upon discovering his talents Louis was able to read minds and change bodies within hours of his awakening, something that Mortimer is also surprised of. It was also indicated by your Mother that Mortimer wanted Louis because he was powerful and only rejected his children that were weak. This could mean that Louis may be more powerful than Mortimer and could take over, either through force or diplomacy. 

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Jesus was a Demon

Seems like a stretch but according to Mortimer Jesus was his father. Him, and everyone else, never mentions that Demons could have more than one father. According to the Sir Gregory demons are born and are given a gender depending on whether they're born a boy or girl. It's also never explained if giving birth to a Demon requires 2 demons, but according to Louis' Mother, Mortimer had several children that she kidnapped.

Mortimer also states "All the mythology surrounding Jesus of Nazareth really stems from my Father's prideful need to show himself among men." Show himself? Was his inhabiting Jesus' body? There's a lot to unload with that statement. Regardless we'll likely meet Mortimer's father in the next episode and if I'm right we'll see Jesus in the flesh or Demon-human flesh.

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Mortimer Already Won

One of the biggest arguments within the episodic title is whether to allow democracy to overtake the monarchies. Mortimer wants this to happen to accelerate humanity's scientific endeavors to better understand Demons while Sir Gregory has stated that democracy will only lead to humanity's destruction.

We've already seen that Mortimer isn't above going pass rules to win, like when he asks Louis to take over Paggi to influence the vote. It's likely that Mortimer has taken steps to ensure that his argument will win. Considering Mortimer's massive influence and understanding of politics it's likely he took steps to ensure his victory regardless of the vote.

Those are our predictions for The Council Episode 5. Let's hear yours in the comments below!

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