Let's Predict - Life is Strange 2: Episode 2

What will happen to Sean and Daniel next?

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Sep 2018

Life is Strange 2 opened strong with the first episode providing an excellent cast of characters placed in a horrible situation. Sean and Daniel must flee, sacrificing the life they once had because of the actions of others. They've endured many hardships and only survived thanks to the kindness of one stranger. Episode 1 ends with a cliffhanger that leaves a lot of room for episode 2 to expand on, here are our predictions for Life is Strange 2 Episode 2.

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Discovering and Controlling Daniel's Powers

At the end of episode 1, we are shown that Sean is training Daniel to control his powers and winter has begun. Until now, Daniel was only able to access his abilities under great stress and has little control over them. With this new found but limited control, Sean and Daniel could use these abilities to aid in their journey to Mexico, having Daniel use these powers to solve puzzles or get supplies. Something that has been a recurring theme throughout episode 1.

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Hank Stamper Returns

Hank was one of the most unnerving characters within the Life is Strange universe. While we've encountered our share of disturbing individuals such as the murderous Mr. Jefferson and stalker Elliot Hampden Hank's strong racist ideals might encourage the store owner to chase after Daniel and Sean after the destruction of his store. We've seen that Hank isn't above hitting children, despite what he says.

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Lyla Looks for Sean

Another major character within the game is Lyla. She's the second major character shown at the beginning of the season and is the first character to speak. Lyla has been shown to have a strong connection with Sean and his family, showing that they've been friends for years and have become like brother and sister. Lyla shows that she will do anything it takes to keep Sean and Daniel safe and loves them deeply.

We also know that Lyla can drive and her mother does own a car. Considering their strong relationship it's likely that she'll attempt to track Sean down by stealing her mother's car to do so. This would also open another critical choice, whether to allow Lyla to help them and risk her safety or push her away.

What are your predictions for Life is Strange 2 Episode 2? Lets your opinion be heard in the comments below.

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