Interview: Cory Barlog | NY Game Awards 2019

We learned new information about God of War's lore

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Jan 2019

The New York Game Awards 2019 was attended by massive figures within the video game industry such as Jade Raymond and Cory Barlog. We had the chance to speak to Cory Barlog about God of War 4's lore.

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Why Didn't Kratos Mention His First Family?

Those who played the original games knows that the god-killer Kratos had a family, a wife named Lysandra and a daughter named Calliope. However, according to Barlog Kratos isn't ready to tell Atreus about their fate. For those unaware, Kratos killed his family after being tricked by Ares and their ashes now remain glued to his skin forever, dawning the name The Ghost of Sparta from that day forward.

We witness that Atreus was troubled knowing that Kratos killed his father Zeus and almost seeing Baldur murder his mother. Atreus is disheartened to hear and witness this cycle of parents and children killing each other and wonders if he'll succumb to the same fate to which Kratos reassures him that he can be different. Having Kratos reveal the fate of his family would've added more weight to Atreus' already heavy load but it's likely he'll have to tell Atreus the truth.

The Gods of Multiple Realms

One of the biggest reveals in God of War was Odin's private study that revealed that Earth is inhabited by many Gods, each with their own lore and style of ruling, and they are all aware of this. We saw information of Greek and Norse as well as Egyptian and Celtic. We asked Barlog about how this fits into the world of God of War.

According to Barlog, the world is ruled similar to our own. With each part of the world directed by a government, or in this case Gods, with their own style of laws and regulations. That's why the end of Greece in God of War 3 didn't effect Odin's realm but Ragnarok serves as the Norse version of the apocalypse. 

What do you think about Kratos not telling his son about his past wife and son or how the world in God of War is governed? Let us know in the comments below!

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