Assassin's Creed Odyssey Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3: Bloodline features 2 boss fights and the final boss is no joking matter. Amorges, despite being just as old as Darius, is a formidable warrior that will require a lot of effort to defeat. Here's how.

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When fighting Amorges Darius will help you but don't expect him to do much. Amorges is a serious defensive fighter and your best tactic is arrows and debuffs. Amorges will use a lot of unblockable attacks but if you're confident in your dodging ability you can counter these attacks easily since he telegraphs these attacks well enough.

Amorges will have 3 phases in this fight. The first is your standard dodge and attack, the second he'll become more aggressive and start doing an AOE slam, and the third he'll abandon his shield and use a flaming sword. In the third phase getting hit once will likely result in death, keep your distance!

The best option for all three phases is your bow and arrow, especially in the third phase. Use Darius as a distraction as he'll still be able to stun Amorges, but not do significant damage. When stunned, inflict poison or fire damage to weaken the Order commander.

Keep your distance and Amorges will fall.

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