Alan Wake Remastered Nightmare Tips

Survive the dark presence in Nightmare difficulty

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Oct 2021

Alan Wake's adventure through Bright Falls is a tough one but on Nightmare it's hellish. Here's how to survive the hardest difficulty on Alan Wake Remastered.

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1. Use Cynthia Weaves Supplies

Throughout Bright Falls Cynthia has hidden supplies by using color-coded paint that is only visible using your flashlight. The second you see anything bright yellow immediately follow its direction. Sometimes these caches are protected by Taken but the supplies provided usually have life-saving items like Flaregun ammo.

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2. Jump and Dodge

Alan is terribly out of shape and cannot run for more than a few seconds. You can circumvent this limitation using jumping and dodging. Alan will regain stamina even when doing this but this burst of speed can be the difference between life and death.

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3. Flare on the Generator

Nightmare drastically limits the number of supplies you'll get so running is usually the best option but sometimes you need a break. Generators are littered throughout certain areas and can serve as life-saving rest points but require charging. The best option is to save flares for these moments as Taken will avoid attacking and charging through these areas allowing you time to charge the generator.

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4. Advanced Flashlight Technique

Maximizing your flashlight is the best way to ensure survival. At the first sign of being boosting your flashlight, the Taken will back off slightly, even stopping mid-attack. If you hold it the Taken will walk slowly towards you but won't be as affected by the light, instead, allow the Taken to regain its footing before boosting again. This is terrific when facing large Taken to avoid charging and maintaining your light's charge since it regenerates quicker when not boosted and you can still whittle away at the Taken's barrier by just pointing the flashlight at it.

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5. RUN!

This is the best strategy in Nightmare. Most sections in Alan Wake allow for the player to avoid killing and once you get past a certain area the enemies will disappear. These are highlighted by streetlamps and clear paths, allowing you to save on supplies since you'll recover all lost health once you make it to the lamp.

There are some sections where you must fight but these are telegraphed to the party through dialogue or environmental restrictions. And if you run most of the time you'll have plenty of items to fight with.

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6. Car Lights

During certain sections, Alan will have access to a car but must part it when the path is blocked. Despite this, the car's light will remain active and will dissolve Taken's barriers. Adding some much-needed help during hectic battles.

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7. Poltergeist Tips

Poltergeists are some of the hardest enemies in the game. They can deal heavy damage and are hard to dodge due to the random kickback after being thrown. The best option to deal with these things is to hide behind something that cannot be moved. This includes trees, telephone poles, and broken cars. 

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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