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What will happen in Dead Space 4?

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Feb 2016

Remember Dead Space? It was a terrific survival-horror game that was able to stand out from other titles thanks to strong gameplay elements and incredible atmosphere. The first game was immediately a hit with a sequel surpassing everything the first game accomplished. Dead Space 3 received fickle reviews, with many criticizing the developers for changing the game’s direction from purely survival-horror to an action orientated focus. Three years have passed since the last installment and we here at Noobfeed were wondering what the a fourth game could contain. Here’s what the fourth installment in the Dead Space could contain.


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One of the biggest reveals in Dead Space 3 was the discovery of an actual alien species. What was presumed to be the Marker homeward turned out to be an alien planet that also fell victim to the Marker’s influence. To prevent the Moon, which turned out to be a giant Necromorph, was consuming everything the aliens built a device that froze their Tau Volantis and the giant Necromorph before it could consume the planet. The Brother Moon was put into a state of dormancy and transmitted a signal through the Markers to turn the machine off.

However no signs showcase that their civilization was completed destroyed. In the beginning of Dead Space 3: Awakened Isaac and Carver wake out after their final battle with the Brethren Moon, alive despite falling to the planet’s surface at terminal velocity. Both awake bewildered how they survived, with the other explanation being the alien race who inhabited Tau Volantis before it was frozen. At the end of Awakened you see the Brethren Moons have located Earth and now are attacking, perhaps the aliens that fought these enormous creatures will return to aid humanity in the fight.

Lexine Returns

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While Isaac Clarke is the franchise’s poster boy, Dead Space has another set of characters that run parallel to the main story. Dead Space Extraction starred a new set of characters that attempted to survive the horror of the Ishimura incident before Isaac and his team arrived. In Dead Space 2: Severed Gabe Weller, now married to another survivor Lexine, takes the lead role as he attempts to escape the Necromorph nightmare on Titan Station with Lexine.

Things don’t go according to plan and its revealed that Lexine has become a major target due to her immunity to the Markers. Before Lexine could be extracted to Earthgov The Oracles intervene. Gabe dies saving Lexine but a message stating that his body should be recovered for research and Lexine terminated. It’s likely that Lexine is still hiding out somewhere and her immunity could prove vital to humanity’s survival.

Who the hell are the Oracles?

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Dead Space has already established that Earthgov and the Unitologist have unsettling goals that revolve around controlling the Marker’s power. Unfortunately we don’t know much about these Oracles, other than they somehow possess inhuman abilities. Where the goal of these other two groups are already established the intent of these Oracles.

The Origin of the Markers

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Since the first Dead Space games the Markers have remained the center of all havoc within the game’s universe. Earthgov wants it to produce limitless energy and the Unitologist believe it to be a divine artifact key to the Convergence Event, a vague outcome where humanity shares a single entity. Two things are certain when these things appear, people start hallucinating and Necromorphs appears. It’s time we learn where these things came from and how to start destroy them all!

What do you think the next Dead Space game will contain? Tell us in the comments below.

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