Interview: Jill Styler

We had the chance to speak to Jill Styler about her passion for video games and cosplaying.

By RON, Posted 06 Apr 2016

Who doesn’t love cosplaying? Especially when it’s done by famous and professional models. This week, we have with us the famous Jill Styler from Spain. By profession she is a model and event Promoter, but she's most popular and own the heart of millions through cosplaying. We had this great opportunity to speak to her and discuss about her passion for video games and cosplaying. 

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Ron - You’re a model, promoter and a gamer. Tell us how you got into cosplaying? What do you enjoy doing most?

Jill Styler - My father made me gamer, and I discovered cosplay by images of Google. And then I started doing it myself in 2008 and attended my first event was in 2009. I’m a big fan of some of the cosplayer, and I think they are doing an amazing work.

Ron - We’ve seen your modeling shots in magazines and posters. It’s a fact that you look very professional not to mention attractive as well. But why you never considered modeling as a career?

Jill Styler - If I’m honest to be a model image or gateway, you have to have a canon. I measure 1.57m. And the minimum height is 1.65/1.75m. and no rules cosplay =)

Ron - Is it difficult to pursue cosplay as a profession? What are the hurdles you initially came across before becoming this successful?

Jill Styler - Yes, the main obstacle is money. Cosplay is not cheap. Question- Who is your favorite character to dress up as? Is it because you love it most, or because your fans do? My favorite characters are Jill Valentine and Lara croft. They were my childhood heroes, and I love everything about them.

Jill Styler,Interview,Cosplay,Model

Ron - When and how do you decide cosplaying a character? Do you pick from a game or comic that you have liked, or based on people’s choice?

Jill Styler - It comes mostly after playing a game and loving a character. It’s not an easy decision to make. When I choose a cosplay, I have to like the design of their dress, that's identification of me, or I like his personality =) and resembling my physical.

Ron - Tell us about the video games that you play, and what you like most about gaming. Any special memory you’d like to share?

Jill Styler - Right now I'm playing Metal Gear Solid V, The Last of Us, and Sniper Elite V2. Playing with my father to Tekken 3, and win combater =) ^^ I went very well

Ron - How did you get into liking video games so much?

Jill Styler - It’s my father who got me into gaming, and I eventually fell in love with it. Who wouldn’t? He taught me at the beginning and eventually I beat him in Tekken 3 at the age of 4. Take that!

Ron - What is your go to game if you need cheering up?

Jill Styler - Tomb Raider.

Ron - You have a magnificent body? How hard to you work every day to maintain it?

Jill Styler - I am happy with my body. I usually follow a diet (no chocolate, no precooked food and no fast food).

Jill Styler,Interview,Cosplay,Model

Ron - What recent games are you most looking forward to playing?

Jill Styler - Rise of the Tomb Raider, Destiny, MKX

Ron - Which one do you prefer; Xbox One or PlayStation 4, and why?

Jill Styler - PlayStation 4, and PC, because it is what I have always had of child, PlayStation.

Ron - Will you share few words for your fans at NoobFeed? How about something special for us?

Jill Styler - When need help with anything, be careful who you provide the help, unfortunately because in this world there is much interested / envious. But it must not discourage you, fight for what you want and like, no matter what others say or think.

Many thanks to Jill Styler for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects and wish you continued success! Keep up with Jill on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Sarwar Ron, NoobFeed
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