Let's Predict - The Last of Us 2

Will Joel and Ellie return?

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Sep 2016

Outbreak Day was days ago. If you were like me you were disappointed that nothing regarding The Last of Us 2 was revealed. After replaying the game and seeing that Gamespot was totally right about the linearity of each mission I was still in awe of how well Naughty Dog was able to create such a gripping tale using a common story type. Zombies take over the world and Ellie turns out to be the last hope for humanity. After the game’s emotional ending I wondered, what could the sequel possibly be about?

New Protagonists

As we saw in The Last of Us the entire world is full of people attempting to survive. Joel and Ellie’s story does leave open to a lot more content, such as Ellie growing older and attempting to accept Joel’s choice to sacrifice the world’s chance at a cure. Naughty Dog could easily explore the universe from another’s perspective, perhaps from a different region in the United States. Taking on fresh faces during the same time Joel and Ellie have their adventure.

As we saw with Henry and Sam or even through the journals of Ish’s community a lot of people are trying to live in this destroyed world.

Ellie’s Atonement 

If Naughty Dog does decide to stick with Joel and Ellie it’s clear that the primary issue between them will be Ellie unable to deal with Joel’s choice. Ellie lost so many friends and family due to the infection, due to Joel’s choice their relationship could become strain over the upcoming years. Eventually, she could grow to hate Joel, perhaps leaving to find a new way to replicate her immunity. If this does happen, despite Joel’s age, will venture outside the safe zone in search for Ellie.

Humanity’s Final Stand

This seems rather grim but perhaps the Cordyceps infection could bring humanity to the brink of extinction. As we saw in The Last of Us these creatures are not only infecting new hosts but surviving for long periods of time. If this continues, in combination with surviving humans killing each other, it’s likely we’ll see a much more baron world next game. Humans will be a rare site and Cordyceps infected areas will become common. 

The Last of Us 2,Release Date, Ellie

If this does happen killing Ellie will become be the only way humanity survives this, unless they find another person who's immune and willing to give up their life.

So those are my theories. If you have your own share them in the comments below!

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