Let's Predict - Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3: Hell is Empty

What will happen in the finale for Life is Strange Before the Storm?

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Oct 2017

Spoilers, this article contains information about Life is Strange and Life is Strange Before the Storm

Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World ended with a massive revelation. Chloe and Rachel are fully intent on leaving but are temporarily stopped when Rachel's mother and father invite the duo to dinner. Turns out Rachel's family isn't perfect, with Rachel being held to an incredibly high standard and the recent trauma of her father's betrayal weighing too hard for her to endure. Now we know that this woman is her actual mother, but what next? Let's predict  Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3: Hell is Empty. 

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Sera's Involvement

Using the Backtalk feature you can learn about Sera from Frank, that she's a client and has been causing trouble for a lot of people. Judging from Sera actions, watching the Tempest play from afar, we can infer that she does care about Rachel but has a reason to remain out of her life. We also know that James seems to care about her deeply as Chloe mentioned how passionately they were kissing in the park. This seems like a far-reaching theory but considering we have no idea how long James has been married to Rose maybe their marriage is merely political. Sera and James had Rachel but given Jame's career ambitions decided to marry Rose and keep Rachel in the dark about the situation. 

You're asking why? Why keep Rachel in the dark about Sera and why did Sera agree? Seeing her come out of Frank's RV confirms that she is a drug user and given Jame's position as Aradia Bay's DA being with someone like that wouldn't help his political career. Sera most likely agreed to the situation to keep Rachel in the dark to give her the best life possible. 

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Chloe and Rachel's Falling Out

Rachel and Chloe have a lot of difficulties to endure, Rachel with the revelation that Rose isn't her mother and Chloe with her mother dating David. We know that Rachel dies at the end, killed by the hands of Nathan Prescott, but what we don't know is how he did it. They clearly don't like each other which means something had to happen to let her guard down.

During episode 2 Chloe, despite the player's choices, is still unsure whether to leave Arcadia Bay. After the finale of episode 2, it's possible that this could be Rachel's breaking point, unable to trust anyone and loses all faith in morality, making the title Hell is Empty fitting. She decides to leave and wants nothing to remind her of Arcadia Bay, even Chloe.

As we saw in episode 1 and 2 Rachel becomes unstable when angry and can't control her actions, either tipping over the trash can that caused the wildfire or throwing the bowl through the glass of her family's dining room table. I will argue that Chloe and Rachel have a falling out and she attempts to leave Arcadia Bay by any means, making her vulnerable to Nathan's attack. Leading up to her death.

What are your predictions for Life is Strange Before the Storm Episode 3: Hell is Empty? Let us know in the comments below!

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