3 Hidden Mechanics Super Mario Odyssey Never Tells You About

What isn't Super Mario Odyssey telling you?

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Oct 2017

Super Mario Odyssey is a large game that constantly introduces new mechanics, however, there are things that the game never tells you about. Hidden mechanics that you must learn from playing around in the various Kingdoms. Here are some of the most useful secrets.

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Hidden Health

There's a lot of hidden health in Super Mario Odyssey and with only 3 hits after death, you're going to need it. When you see a circle of flowers it means that there's hidden health. Just use Cappy's spin throw to open all the petals to unveil the hidden heart.

You probably have seen walls with a picture of Cat Mario. He's wearing a pink cat costume and is fairly easy to spot. Throw Cappy into it to reveal hidden health.

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Hidden Motion Controls

Many of us are going to play Super Mario Odyssey using the Pro Controller or Gamecube Controller. However, some of Mario and Cappy's moves are unusable unless using motion controls. This includes the upward and downward sping throws, the homing attack which can be used by flicking one Joy-Con, and the spin throw which can be done by flicking both Joy-Cons to the side. 

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Mario's Morph Ball

While beautiful running across the environment can become tedious, fortunately, Mario has a special ability that he probably learned from a legendary bounty hunter. To perform the roll simply hold down the ZL and Y when your feet are on the ground. If you're using the motion controls Mario can gain speed by shaking the Joy-Cons.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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