How to Defeat Fireclaws in Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds

The best tactics for defeating the strongest enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Nov 2017


Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds has the biggest and most difficult enemies in the game, but nothing compares to the Fireclaws. These huge beasts are giant fire bears, you read that correct, that can easier make mincemeat of you if you attempt to fight them unprepared. Fortunately, we have the best way to ensure your victory against these fire monsters.

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At the end of the game, you'll have to fight 6 of these creatures, one battle has you fighting 2 but with an ally. Here's the best way to kill these Fireclaws.

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1. Fire and Melee Resistance is Your Friend

The Fireclaws fight exactly like the Frostclaws, with heavy melee-based attacks and 2 long-range elemental attacks. Potions are effective temporary solutions but based on the damage one attack can cause they won't last, instead modify your armor with melee and fire resistance. If you obtained the Shied-Weaver armor use that instead since it can block fatal damage.

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2. Obtain the Improved Ice Rail

The Ice Rail is obtained through story progression, unlike the Forgefire and Stormslinger. You'll get one before fighting your first Fireclaw and the final mission. Before heading out get to Vargas, who is located at Longnotch on the lower west part of the map. She'll upgrade it for you after a short mission, giving you the improved version.

Why is this so important, it's because the Fireclaws are weak against Frost Damage. This is the best frost weapon in the game and can inflict heavy damage. Once frozen use Blast Bombs to knock the Fireclaw down and hit its weak underbelly with the alternate Ice Cannon fire mode of the weapon for up to 300+ damage.

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3. Go for the Legs

This isn't for offensive but defensive. The Fireclaws can use their claw for slashing, to avoid this duck between their legs. This will allow you to dodge all 5 of their swings and hit the power cores located by its butt.

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4. Hit the Chest First

The Fireclaw is heavily armored and removing these pieces isn't easy. However, the belly is mostly exposed and serves as the monsters primary way to use 2 attacks; the long-range lava spout and aoe fire burst. Once destroyed it cannot use either of these attacks which will make each fight a lot easier.

With these tips fighting the Fireclaws will be easier. If you have any more tips share them in the comments below!

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds is now available for PS4.

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