The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Case 2 Railcar Murder

Who killed Travis?

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jan 2018

You've entered Red Creek, passed the railcar, and notice a dead body on the side of the path. Time to investigate.

First head back to the railcar and sense the front covered in blood. It'll tell you that a crank is missing, turn right towards the beach to learn its location. Head down where you found the body and  down the path to the shore, here's the crank.

Head back up and head a little further down the track to gain 2 more clues, the gasoline tank, and dead grass. Head further down and you'll see a small monument with a missing rock. Investigate it and sense the location of the rock, it's by the stump by the dead grass. Grab the rock and place it back on the monument.

Now head back to the railcar, place the crank, and recharge the car. Drive the Railcar and park it onto the dead grass. Finally, head up the tracks and sense the ropes on the track. Once done investigate the body to unlock the vision.

1. Travis speaking to Ethan
2. Ethan's grandfather picking up rock
3. Travis by Railcar
4. Travis hit by Railcar
5. Travis crawling away
6. Travis killed

After completing the vision head back to the shore to see the final vision to complete the case.

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