You've fought trolls, ogres, and a soul-eating rock monster so a dark elf is perhaps the most normal creature you'll encounter, so far that is. Here's how to topple the dark creature.

God of War,Sony,Santa Monica,PlayStation

The fight will begin once you head to the pedestal, tap circle to regain your footing and start slicing Svartal is quick but has notable tells when fighting. His staff will glow when he's about to attack.

The first attack is a charge forward, where he hovers in the air before dashing forward towards Kratos. You can't avoid this, instead, block using your shield. If you time it correctly you can parry his attack.

Next comes a charge. Svartal will spin his staff, place it over his shoulder, and dash forward. Simply roll out of the way and hurl your ax for some added payback. Svartal can perform a ground pound but only does this when in the closed rooms on the side of the hallways. If he does this attack use the pedestal to block the energy that pulses from the rod after impact.

God of War,Sony,Santa Monica,PlayStation

Svartal does have a long range attack. He'll summon 3 rays from his staff that will attack Kratos in a cone. Don't dash forward or to the side, dash back to avoid damage and once the tiny explosions disappear rush forward for a quick hit. If Svartal takes too much damage he'll dash back and leave behind mines, avoid them.

When the lights turn off head to the last location Svartal was in. This is risky since he can charge but not knowing what he's doing can be just as dangerous. If you need health break the pots for orbs.

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