This fight is a special one, Kratos and Atreus must fight against the brothers Magni and Modi. Here's how to defeat the brothers.

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This is a difficult fight, it's all about crowd control. Both Magni and Modi are melee fighters and must remain in range to do any damage. Use Atreus to keep one of them distracted while you focus on the other. Both brothers must fall at the same time, keep draining their health at a constant rate.

Magni uses a large sword and lacks defense, but can grab Kratos. If grabbed call Atreus to shoot him. Like the trolls, he's powerful in front but weak in the back. Strike from behind and avoid his sword swings. If you stand too far Magni will use a long-range blast, this is easily avoided and seen when he plunges his sword into the sword and picks it back up while a blue hue surrounds him.

Modi is defensive but can be knocked over by commending Atreus to hit in the back. However, unlike his brother, if Kratos stays within his strike zone for too long he'll use a lightning pulse to push everyone away. This fight is all about cooperation and you need Atreus to either expose the brother's weak points or to distract them.

God of War 4,NoobFeed,PS4,Santa Monica,Sony,PlayStation,

After you deplete a small part of their health they'll blind both Kratos and Atreus. This is the hardest part, the only way to determine where either Mogni or Modi is coming from is the red marker next to Kratos' waist. Keep spinning so you are not caught off guard and be ready to block using L1. Once done the second part of the fight begins.

Modi will start tossing lighting orbs and powering up his weapons using the same energy. The orbs are simple enough to dodge but when charged avoid fighting Modi and fight Magni. Once 2/3 of their health is gone they'll perform another blinding attack. As before keeping circling and look for the red indicator to see where Magni and Modi are coming. Sometimes they the first one to charge will back off and if he does wait for the other to charge by looking at your red indicator.

The third part of the battle Magni and Modi will open up an AOE electric attack. Use your shield to defend yourself and have Atreus focus on either one of the brothers while you fight the other.

God of War 4,NoobFeed,PS4,Santa Monica,Sony,PlayStation,

Magni will gain a new ability this time around, a powerful AOE attack. When he's around to use it he'll begin charging his sword before plunging it into the ground. Strike him or use Atreus to stun Magni before it's executed. Keep up the assault and drain their health, eventually, you'll be victorious. 

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