Sanctum 2

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Sanctum 2

Sanctum 2 is how a sequel should be like.

by PKKHaseo, 04 May 2013

The original Sanctum was the first of its kind; it brought first-person shooter and tower defense together, creating a unique and really fun hybrid. Unlike most tower defense games, however, where the player’s role is limited to placing and upgrading towers, the game put...

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  • Sanctum 2 coming May 15 to XBL

    By Grayshadow, Posted 08 May 2013

    According to a blog post by Xbox's Major Nelson Coffee Stain Studio's Sanctum 2 will launch on Xbox 360 on May 15. No release date has been given for the Sony Entertainm


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General Information

Sanctum 2


Platform(s): Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Publisher(s): Reverb Publishing
Developer(s): Coffee Stain Studios
Genres: Tower Defense
Themes: First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 2013-06-01