Siegecraft Commander

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Siegecraft Commander Xbox One Review

Siegecraft Commander rich competitive gameplay will have you hooked for hours

by Grayshadow, 17 Jan 2017

Siegecraft Commander is a mixture of RTS and tower defense that has a lot to offer. The single-player campaign gives you an in-depth tutorial of all the major mechanics of the game before diving into multiplayer. It may not offer an enticing story-rich single-player adventure but...

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Featured Preview

Siegecraft Commander PlayStation 4 Preview

For those looking for a challenging RTS on consoles, Siegecraft Commander is definitely a game you’ll want to play

by Grayshadow, 09 Nov 2016

Siegecraft Commander is an intense RTS that demands you think two steps ahead of your opponent. One wrong move and you could end up losing every fortification you’ve built. A lot of players will find the aiming system vexing due to its lack of precision but the active comba...

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General Information

Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Mobile
Publisher(s): Blowfish Studios
Developer(s): Blowfish Studios
Genres: RTS
Themes: Conquor
Release Date: 2016