Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Xbox Series X Review

Even without a gripping story, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a wild ride from the beginning to the end.

by Rayan, 04 Mar 2023

Dark Souls' success has pushed the Soulslike genre to the brink of mainstream recognition, making it difficult to find new games that dare to break from the mold. On the other hand, Team Ninja has figured out how to modify the recipe that successfully blends Western-style Sou...

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General Information

Platform(s): Xbox One, XBSX, PS5, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo
Developer(s): Koei Tecmo, KOEI TECMO AMERICA Corporation
Genres: Role-Playing
Themes: Fighting, Action, adventure, Hack and slash
Release Date: 2023-03-03

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