Smushi Come Home

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Smushi Come Home PC Review

A bite-sized adventure featuring the little fungi that could, Smushi Come Home will wrap you in a blanket of cozy nostalgic embrace.

by MChipmunks, 16 Jun 2023

The cozy games' genre has exploded in the past decade with some truly adorable titles. These are the types of games that make you feel all cuddly inside. Stardew Valley, for instance, captivated gamers with its charming pixelated art style and chill vibes. It is nice to sit b...

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General Information

Platform(s): Switch, PC
Publisher(s): SomeHumbleOnion
Developer(s): SomeHumbleOnion
Genres: Platforming, Adevnture
Themes: Casual, Wholesome, Adventure, Platforming
Release Date: 2023-06-10

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