New Apex Legends Bug Discovered, Making Gibraltar's Ultimate Overpowered

Players fighting against the tank hero Gibraltar are getting no warning before a hail of missiles descends upon them.

By Kiemour, Posted 17 Jun 2020

Apex Legends, EA and Respawn Entertainments free-to-play battle royale, consists of 13 unique characters, each with a powerful hero ability and ultimate, used to turn the tide of battle. However, one particular legend has developed a bug with his ultimate ability, making him more powerful than any other legend.

Gibraltar is a tank hero that is able to drop a dome shield, and players are also able to deploy a gun shield for him when aiming down sights. But his ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, has quickly become a challenge for any players in opposing squads. 

Before the bug, Gibraltar called out "I'm opening up the skies" and "Barrage Incoming", giving enemies and squamates alike time to find cover and escape the hail of missiles that were about to touch down. However, this warning has somehow been removed from the game, and many fans have taken to Reddit to complain about the lack of warning. While the video certainly seems like this could have been a one-time occurrence, multiple other users have also complained about similar issues, many players losing their game to this unannounced ultimate ability.

Gibraltar Ultimate

The voice lines preceding each character's ultimate is part of what balances the game, as many abilities can knock a player down if hit directly. The voice line warns players, giving them time to hide or outrun the ultimate, if possible. Without this balance, players can abuse Gibraltar's ability and unleash his hail of missiles onto unsuspecting enemies. 

Although Respawn has yet to respond to these videos and complaints, they are usually very prompt on fixing bugs in their games once they are revealed to them. Players are hopeful that this bug gets fixed sooner rather than later, so that they can get back to winning matches with their skill, rather than losing to unannounced barrages. 

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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