Apex Legends Tweet Teases Bangalore's Backstory

A recent Tweet reveals a vague voice message to an unknown recipient, teasing more information about the soldier's backstory.

By Kiemour, Posted 06 Aug 2020

As Apex Legends looks to wrap up its 5th Season and begin its 6th, new hints begin to rise to the surface. In one Tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter page, fans were able to hear a unique voice message, left by none other than Bangalore herself.

Bangalore is the game's generic soldier hero, though no more has been revealed about her backstory as of yet. Throughout the quest dialogues introduced in Season 5, players learned that Bangalore is close with many of the Apex Legends, but seems to have reserved feelings for others, a detail that has yet to be addressed. Therefore, this news of an upcoming backstory is promising for fans, casual and hardcore alike.

In the Tweet, only a short, cryptic message is written: "[New Message: Received 13:02]". In the attached video, we can hear Bangalore's unique accent, though she refers to herself with a different name. The message: "Hey, it's Williams. Man, P, ya already done? You ever sleep? Hiatus is coming up, so I'll swing by this weekend. Drinks are on me." 

Bangalore, Apex Legends

Many players are left intrigued by this message, as there are only a few legends that Bangalore could be referring to as P. Although the robotic grappling legend's name is Pathfinder, it has already been revealed that electrical expert Wattson's first name is Paquette, and Crypto's full name as Tae Joon Park. Although more information has yet to be revealed, some fans are also considering that Bangalore could be talking to a new, currently un-introduced character. However, another message from the Twitter account revealed another voice message, this time between Parekh and the speaker, Dion Bakar. These names are unfamiliar to players at the moment, but may be revealed later.

Although many players are expecting Ash to jump onto the battlefield in Season 6, due to her reveal at the end of Season 5's quest line, Respawn as been known to turn expectations on their heads. For example, a data-mined character known as Forge was revealed to be dead, and was therefore unable to enter the game in Season 4. However, Bangalore's message could be a recording from her military days, meaning that "P" may never be introduced, save for the Season 6 quest line. 

Although nothing official about Season 6 of the battle royale has been revealed, Bangalore also mentions a hiatus in her message. This could refer to something in the military, or some sort of current hiatus concerning the other legends. 

Apex Legends did confirm that new announcements would begin at 10 am PDT on August 6. The announcement is expected to reveal more behind this message, as well as possible backstory for Bangalore and teasers for Season 6. 

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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