All The Games That Are Free To Play This Weekend

Get that game time in while you can, folks. Life waits for no one.

By Daavpuke, Posted 22 Aug 2020

As school is starting to soon again, at least in Europe, time to play video games is running short. Luckily, there's one more large push this weekend to try out various games, old and new, so get ready to download a bunch of stuff.

Starting on PlayStation 4 (PS4), the reworked Bless Unleashed is having a free Beta event this weekend. This does require a sign-up, but a key should be easy to get from one of the links in the Bless Unleashed post. This massive multiplayer online (MMO) game features both environment and player combat, has a neat combo system, companion creatures, dungeons and all the known MMO tropes. Additionally, this game has the advantage of having gone through some extensive iteration, as it was originally launched as Bless Online.

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Moving on, Marvel's Avengers has an open Beta on Xbox One, PS4 and PC via Steam. Content includes the following:

4 Hero Missions
3 HARM Room challenges
4 War Zones
5 Drop Zones

Fun fact: Those who link their console's Square Enix accounts and Epic Games accounts together can unlock a Fortnite skin, if they complete some of the above challenges.

Warriors: Rise to Glory! is having a Beta event for its online multiplayer as well. As the smallest of the bunch here, we urge you to take a moment to check this one out. Free to download on PC via Steam, the game merges turn-based tactics with role-playing game (RPG) upgrade elements and plenty of humor. In this multiplayer part, you'll also need to be diplomatic, to not have opponents turn on you. Everyone, however, will have heavy access to meme references, as one of the recent  mercy animations is the Ghanaian funeral meme. It's a fun time.

Finally, Steam has a free weekend for Project Highrise. A little less action-oriented, this game let's you build a tower, with a sensible ecosystem in mind. Essentially, you need to keep your tenants happy, while also being mindful of creating facilities, doing maintenance and so on. It's the only ethical way to be a landlord these days. Additionally, if you enjoy your time with this acclaimed title, the full game has a 70% discount.

Get that game time in while you can, folks. Life waits for no one. 

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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