Blizzard will Reveal the New Mobile Warcraft Game on May 3

Blizzard has recently announced their plans for a mobile Warcraft game, and the details are to come on May 3

By Yagmur, Posted 28 Apr 2022

It seems like the 3rd of May is going to be a good day for Warcraft fans, because there is going to be a reveal for the mobile game set in the World of Warcraft. The news comes from a tweet sent from the official World of Warcraft Twitter account. “Join us for the reveal of a new mobile game set in the #Warcraft Universe,” the tweet reads cryptically.

The tweet is cryptic because there is no information as to what exactly is going to be revealed other than the fact that it is going to be a mobile game. Are we going to get a title? A release date? Some footage? Trailer? We do not know. All we know is a mobile game is underway, and the gamers are torn about this.

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 “The Warcraft universe continues to capture imaginations across the globe with enlightening experiences and immersive gameplay, that are the foundation for World of Warcraft and Hearthstone,” says Blizzard in a new blog post regarding the news. “We are happy to present a new mobile game for the heroes of Azeroth looking to play on the go, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands.” But fans are not sure as to whether they want a mobile game or not. While some think that an MMORPG for the mobile is not going to go well for Warcraft’s expansive world, others believe that the mobile game is going to be able to run better because of the freedom of controls. Either way, everyone is invited to watch the live stream when the time comes, and we’ll be here to report it all to you!

Yagmur Sevinc (@yagmursevvinc)
Editor, NoobFeed

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