343 Industries is Still Making Halo Games Despite Rumors

In the aftermath of the mass layoffs at Microsoft, rumors started to circulate that 343 Industries would no longer make Halo games.

By LCLupus, Posted 23 Jan 2023

There have been some rumors circulating for a few days that 343 Industries, the company in charge of the development of the Halo franchise, would be taken off active development of the Xbox exclusive franchise. It was further suggested that the company would work more as a support studio for whichever company became the next Halo lead developer. However, these rumors have been refuted by Pierre Hintze, the studio head at 343 Industries.

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Hintze responded to these rumors via Twitter. The official Halo Twitter account tweeted out an image with a quote from Hintze. It simply stated that Halo and Master Chief aren’t going anyway, and that 343 Industries will “continue to develop Halo now and in the future.” He also specifies that the company will work on the single-player, multiplayer, and “more of what makes Halo great.”

The reason the response specified that 343 Industries will continue to work on both the single-player and multiplayer is because rumors have circulated, such as through Metro’s reporting, that those with insider information claimed that single-player DLC content for Halo Infinite has been cancelled and that 343 Industries will instead oversee third-party developers as those companies produce new games for the franchise rather than 343 Industries.

These rumors perhaps circulated because of the fact that Microsoft recently announced mass layoffs that will amount to 10,000 people at the company losing their jobs. And 343 Industries is possibly one of the companies that will be affected by those layoffs. However, as Pierre Hintze has responded to these rumors by mostly denying them, it’s likely that 343 Industries will continue to develop Halo games as this would be a very strange thing to lie about. Although, this doesn’t mean that employees at 343 Industries are necessarily safe from these oncoming layoffs.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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