Overwatch 2 Bug Dips the Frame Rate of Everyone in the Server, Except the Exploiter

Laziness or incompetency? It could be both factored in this instance as it's a bug since day one of Overwatch.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Jun 2023

When it comes to coding a game with lots of features, matters get worse when new developers and coders take the lead and add even more to it. Called “spaghetti code”, the instance happens when too many complicated series of fresh content are added on top of the old, existing code. As expected, the game engine starts getting tired too often and creates problems that affect the gameplay or overall performance of the game.

One of the recent measures taken to combat an exploit in Overwatch 2 paved the way for an even more obscure bug that drops people’s framerate to an unplayable rate. A YouTube group, usually in search of bugs in Overwatch 2, were aware of a glitch that would tank the framerate of players by abusing a mechanic with Genji, however through more digging, they found it was possible to do it with one of the meta characters, Mercy as well. By simply exploiting getting out of bounds glitch with Mercy a few times, and equipping her healing staff in a map would cause latency and frame drops as time goes by. We are not talking about a low FPS of 30, it's as bad as having 5 or 6 frames per second instead.

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Here’s the catch with this bug: while Mercy can lower the frame rate to a snail’s pace, she can change the weapons and have a stable frame rate. Thus making the Mercy player able to abuse spaghetti code’s vulnerable side to win ranked matches as well. By the way, this bug has existed since the first day of Overwatch, hence why it's the fault of the spaghetti code. In order to combat this issue, the best solution would be to basically leave and rejoin the match.

Currently Blizzard is working on some fixes on Overwatch 2 with the feedback they get from players. However, their way of fixing is a bit unconventional, such as removing a hero until they fix the bug related to that hero. Although it is going to ruin a lot of meta rosters, we can expect the same for Mercy in the future.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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