The Elder Scrolls VI May Be Todd Howard's Last Game

In a recent statement, it would seem that The Elder Scrolls VI may be the last game he will work on for the company.

By DShelley, Posted 13 Jun 2023

It is quite a time to be a gamer, new announcements are being made almost every day with many exciting new releases such as Final Fantasy XVI and Starfield just around the corner. It would also seem that amongst all these exciting announcements that there is some bittersweet news. In a recent press tour for Bethesda's upcoming space-faring RPG Starfield, game director and gaming icon, Todd Howard spoke about the company's next major project, The Elder Scrolls VI and how it may be his last game he works on for the company.

Todd Howard is a renowned video game director, who has worked on many iconic game franchises such as the Fallout games and The Elder Scrolls, he has also more recently worked on Starfield, the upcoming Sci-fi RPG which is Bethesda's first new IP in well over 25 years. However, despite working on many of Bethesda's iconic games, it would seem that Todd might be moving on.

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During an interview that was held by IGN, Todd Howard sat down and discussed the many future projects that Bethesda was working on, he once again confirmed that indeed The Elder Scrolls VI will be the next game that will be coming after Starfield. He also confirmed that after the next Elder Scrolls game, we will be getting Fallout 5. However, during the interview Howard also heavily implied that once The Elder Scrolls VI was released, that he would be taking a step back from his long-held leadership role within Bethesda, a position that he has had for over 20 years.

In the interview, he also went into detail about the development of Starfield and that the direction they wanted for the game had shifted multiple times during the course of its development. He also gave some insight about the things that are expected from development teams, which are now expected to support each release for months or even years on end instead of shipping the game and then working on the title's sequel or the developer's next major project.

What this means is that Bethesda will be dedicated to providing extensive long-term support for the game and will be releasing continuous updates for Starfield after its release. With the release date of Starfield inching closer and closer, hype for The Elder Scrolls VI has begun to grow, while Todd Howard did briefly touch on the project, he sadly was unable to go into specifics.

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