Rise of the Ronin Not Releasing In South Korea

Rather unexpected to see an upcoming game to be not available in a region, Rise of the Ronin is not the first example though.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 14 Feb 2024

Rise of the Ronin, one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives to hit the consoles, has been removed from the South Korean market of PlayStation Store and it's stated that it won’t arrive on that region next month when the game releases. The title is a fast-paced souls-like take on Medieval Japan, therefore it has high interest with lots of people waiting for it to hit the shelves. The removal of the South Korean market is, on the other hand, a rather intriguing story.

Before explaining why that is the case, we have to remind you that this game is set in Medieval Japan, specifically, the Edo period. In order to showcase the behind-the-scenes elements of Rise of the Ronin, series creator, Fumuhiko Yasuda, has made an explanation video. In the video, he talks about the Shoja Sonjuku School, which included one of the masterminds behind the peak of Japan’s history. The school’s founder, Shoin Yoshida, is considered one of the scholars who helped shape Japan to its former glory throughout the 19th century with the Meiji restoration.

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Fumuhiko Yasuda went on and state his comments about the scholar, stating he was an action-taker and one of the philosophers who greatly changed the nation. As anyone could guess, the same scholar also pushed a conflict between Japan and South Korea, leading to the first Sino-Japanese War. South Korea and then spent the beginning of the 20th century being under the control of Japan.

Since, in South Korea, Shoin Yoshida is considered a controversial figure due to his motives and actions taken toward Korea. However, such a small inclusion of a figure from 200 years ago shouldn’t be a big influence regarding a game’s release. There might be other factors that we cannot see but Sony and Team Ninja have a reasonable explanation for why Rise of the Ronin is getting canceled to be released in South Korea. Most of the mentions on the South Korean market have been removed except on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

To understand the full picture, we must wait and see until Rise of the Ronin’s release, which is on the 22nd of March next month. The game is going to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 only and is expected to utilize the power of PlayStation 5 well for its gameplay.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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