The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack: Everything We Know

One of the liveliest cities the Sims 4 developers have created so far, Ciudad Enamorada.

By agentCookie, Posted 03 Jul 2024

In anticipation of the upcoming expansion pack The Sims 4 Lovestruck, the official Sims team has released a trailer on June 27th, showcasing what it will bring to the table. We are introduced to the world of Ciudad Enamorada, one of the most vibrant cities the Sims 4 team has conjured up to date with its use of bright pinks and oranges, evoking summer; the season associated with flings and romance.

Vista Hermosa, a central neighborhood highlighting greenery and strolling places, is the first of three explorable neighborhoods that the city has added, along with the modest suburban region referred to as Plaza Mariposa. And at the last stop, we have Nuevo Corazón, a chic uptown district known for its luxury suites and exclusive nightlife.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack

Like the previous Sims 4 expansion, the Lovestruck expansion pack also introduces a new feature that’s supposedly an in-game dating app. With the ‘Cupid’s Corner’ app, Sims will find a variety of matches that will make their heart flutter. To make each date memorable and leave your Sims wanting more, the new date planning system lets you choose their ventures and pursuits. Possible companions can be found in the Matches tab, and your Sim will be able to take note of their preferences, after which they will have the ability to initiate and converse.

New "Ask to Create a Date" tools facilitate the creation of picture-perfect dates for all kinds of courting and pairing situations, from first encounters to anniversary celebrations. Players can tailor their date with these features: choose a date's nature, choose a location, and set an end target. Aside from adding more cute romantic acts, Lovestruck has implemented steamier attributes - three new places your Sims would be able to Woohoo in to name one.

The degree of romantic connection between the two Sims determines the dynamics that will emerge between them. Wholesome, steamy, strained, and unpredictable dynamics are the four types. Two Sims are Wholesome if their affection for one another is evident in all their interactions, whether they are friendly or amorous. When two Sims' relationships center on physical closeness, we say that they have a Steamy dynamic. Two Sims with a Strained relationship are still romantically involved, but they are unhappy and rude to each other most of the time. 

Sims with an Unpredictable affair may go from being aggressive one second and reconciled the next. What Sims are or aren't attracted to is defined by their Turn-ons and Turn-offs, which are aspects of their personality and behavior that increase or decrease their attraction to other Sims. This encompasses several Sims characteristics, such as clothes and haircuts, as well as specific interactions. Intelligent decision-making will be advised of the player for their Sims to thrive in terms of their courtship.

The Sims 4 Lovestruck Expansion Pack

Long-time Sims fans are familiar with selecting Aspirations for their Sims. The pursuit of romance has always been an Aspiration option without any accompanying Traits. Now, two new Traits are being established within the game through Lovestruck. A little extra time is required for "Romantically Reserved" Sims to develop feelings of romance for their companions. Putting the groundwork will be worthwhile, even if it takes more time to develop intimacy. Romance is paramount for Sims that fall under the "Lovebug" category. All they want is love, so they go in with both feet. Because they are adept at faster feelings, they may also experience rejections more often. 

Fears have also been a feature in the game for as long as a player can remember. With love comes fear both in the real world and a simulated one. 'Fear of Being Alone' and 'Fear of Intimacy' are two freshly introduced anxieties. Sims may alleviate these anxieties with their spouses by using new queries and confrontations. Therapy sessions are also feasible.

Since couples’ counseling is attainable in Lovestruck, it has been confirmed that it is also a profession that may be pursued by your Sims. The career is also rewarding as Sims in that field of work could receive heart-shaped appreciation gifts from their happy clients.

The Sims 4 will also update the game to have a feature called ‘Romantic Boundaries’ and it will be made free for all players. It lets the players personalize their Sim’s experience with jealousy and boundaries. This renders the Sims the ability to date numerous Sims at once and it won't affect any existing relationships.

The valuation of Lovestruck is at 39.99 USD as per traditional rates and has stirred quite an uproar among the game's following. The major argument was that these elements already existed in The Sims 4 thanks to modifications that drew from previous games; they called the additional material a "Game Pack" as opposed to an expansion, and they felt it could have been an optional free update.

Lovestruck will be available for purchase on July 25th, with preorders starting on June 27th.

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