Ken Moss Named CTO of EA, Fans Ask Him to Fix The Servers

EA welcomes Ken Moss as their new CTO, fans more concerned over server issues.

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jul 2014

Ken Moss, the founder of the program that became Microsoft’s Bing service, is now the Chief Technology Officer at EA. As CTO Moss will be in charge of EA’s Digital Platform and Information Technology divisions.

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In a blog post CRO Andrew Wilson said “Ken join us at an important time in EA’s journey, as technology continues to transform the experiences we deliver to our players,” adding, “We’re designing games as live services, with gamers playing more and for longer than ever before. Out digital platform provides the underlying infrastructure to deliver fun, seamless and curated journeys for our players.”

EA welcomed Moss with a celebratory tweet but a lot of other users responsed to Moss’s new position by requesting him to fix the severs. It’s nice to see that Moss attained his “dream job”, but you should really fix those servers. 


Ross was head of the Marketplace Technology, Science and Data branch at eBay, co-founded the search organization CrowdEye, and spent 20 years with Microsoft. 

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