Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Event Detail

Ubisoft provides what players will encounter in Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Feb 2018

Ubisoft has finally revealed gameplay footage of their upcoming Outbreak event for Rainbow Six Siege during the 2018 Six Invitational. The event will introduce a PvE cooperative experience complete with 3 separated cooperative missions, storyline, and cutscenes.

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Assistant Technical Director Design for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Outbreak explained that a parasitic outbreak has occured in a town called Truth and Consequences, New Mexico. A Soviet capsule was launched 40-50 years ago and re-entered Earth's atmosphere causing an infestation within the town. Team Rainbow must surpass the infection before it spreads. The event will run for free for 4 weeks.

3 operators are going up against 3 enemy types: grunts, breachers, rooters, smashers, and apex enemies in 3 maps. Grunts attack in masses, Breachers can explode, Rooters can teleport and launch spike traps that players can get stuck on, and the Apex can launch echo sound blasts to disorient players, smoke that causes damage and spawns grunts resistance to bullets. 

The Smashers is immune to bullets and can only be harmed when hit at certain weak points. Using brute strength it can knock players with ease and charge forward with the force of a forklift.

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Ubisoft has redesigned the maps for cooperative play by increasing the size. Hospital is 5 times larger than House, and the other 2 maps, Resort and Junk Yard, each feature large environments and varied architecture.

Sneak mechanics can be used here. Players can sneak around enemies by turning off their flashlight and remaining out of sight when found. Of course, visual impairments will play a role, giving the player the choice to aim with more clarity and giving away their position or remaining undetected. 

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Ubisoft also confirmed that they're limiting the available Operators in this mode. Defenders and Attackers can play on the same team. Thermite won't be one of the playable operators despite playing a role in the story.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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