Until Dawn Didn't Happen Due to the Butterfly Effect

Who died and who lived prevents Until Dawn 2 to happen

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 May 2019

Until Dawn is one of the best horror games to come out this generation. Providing the player a multitude of options of how the adventure could end. It's that feature, known as the butterfly effect, that prevented a sequel from being made.

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When speaking to Game Informer series producer Dan McDonald stated “If we were making sequels, we don’t know who survived. I mean we could probably work it out from your game save, but we don’t want to make a sequel to that. We want to make a different story with different people."

Supermassive has heard fans demand for a sequel but their reasoning is solid. Until Dawn provides the player ample room to change the story, killing or allowing specific characters to survive. 

Until Dawn is now available for PS4. Supermassive's next project, Man of Medan, will release this summer for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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