Metal Gear Online: Cloaked In Silence

With a price tag of $4 USD, Cloaked in Silence represents a small investment and the payoff is worth it.

By RON, Posted 14 Apr 2016

To all Metal Gear Online players, this pack comes as well-deserved refreshment. Not only does it add the silent female assassin from the single player mode, Quiet, but it also comes with three new maps: the Motherbase inspired Coral Complex, an Afghan facility by the name of Rust Palace, and the blue sky blessed African based Azure Mountain. Along with this content, the pack includes unlimited access to Survival Mode, whereas non-paying players will only be able to play 10 times a week.

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Since her reveal, Quiet has been a controversial and beloved character for many fans. Her appearance is nothing but captivating and generates multiple opinions, to say the least, and her participation during the single player campaign remains as one of the favourite moments in most gamers playthrough, so it is reasonable the team behind MGSV would include her as a playable character and exploit all the traits that made her so appealing in the first place. You can also check out the interview we had to the actress behind Quiet, in which we managed to reveal her experience giving life to this amazing character.

Let’s take a look to each one of these new maps:

Coral Complex: this set of oil rigs is built with the sole intention to resemble a partially reconstructed Motherbase, which offers several tactical vantage points, such as towers and storage containers.

Rust Palace: familiar to players who have finished the single player campaign, this decayed facility in Minor Asia is a multi-level building in which cover is scarce, at best.

Azure Mountain: this map is built around the rocky formation known as the Cradle of Spirits, and offers a combination of plains and elevated structures from which players can take advantage.

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Quiet possesses a set of skills that recall those of her participation in single player mode: the assassin has the ability to become invisible for a brief amount of time, as well as a small speed boost. Both these abilities are particularly useful and create a different gameplay whenever she’s present, because of the increase difficulty to spot the player controlling her and the tactical nature of the character.

Survival Mode is an actually entertaining win-streak based challenge. Players who purchase the DLC will have as many tries as they see fit, but free playing users will have to wait until Tuesdays for their 10 weekly replays to be refreshed. Despite that, the game mode is definitively worth the effort and the extra bucks.

Finally, the Appeal Action mechanic will be included with this DLC pack, which entitles the player to a set of unique poses for their characters; these poses will allow characters to act differently while entering the game and, even, while performing certain actions, like killing an enemy character. More Appeal Action packs will be released periodically, so expect interesting content on this area.

With a price tag of $4 USD, Cloaked in Silence represents a small investment and the payoff is worth it, to say the least. Quiet is a rather great addition to the playable characters and is, quickly, becoming a fan favourite. If you want to go back into action with MGSV, this is a very good pretext to do so.

Metal Gear Online,Cloaked In Silence,Review,Screenshot

In NoobFeed, we always take care of our readers, and that’s why we’re giving away 4 Cloaked in Silence DLC PlayStation 4 codes. Simply post a comment saying why you want to play it, and the code is yours.

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