LawBreakers PlayStation 4 Pro Review

LawBreakers is a fast and tense shooter that allows you to propel yourself forward and use your recent kill as momentum for the next

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Aug 2017

LawBreakers is about freedom, soaring through the sky and moving quickly to your destination. It requires a lot of practice, maneuvering through the game's anti-gravity spheres, and surviving in the air. Some of the game modes are lacking and the characters lack any personality, but LawBreakers gives you the capacity to fly through the air and slam down on an enemy's head.

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Weapons and abilities are plentiful here, with nine roles to choose from. Ranging from advanced fighters to beginner-friendly options, but I never felt at a disadvantage regardless of the class I choose. For example, the Titan lacks boost or upward mobility, making it unless for delivering batteries in Overcharge, but is a difficult class to defeat when defending the battery. The Assassin can swing using the grappling hook, great for charging forward. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, and knowing what class combination works best encourages teamwork and synergy. However, most of the classes look the same, and given the game's high-paced gameplay that few first seconds of decrypting what class the enemy is can be the difference between survival and death.

The maps in LawBreakers are well-crafted with a balanced mix of wide spaces and confining passages. The 8 maps generally blur together, rarely did I find myself enticed to explore them. All maps have areas of regular gravity, which are the indoor flanking paths, and open areas with a low-gravity sphere. Regardless of whether you're regular or low gravity things can become hectic, especially against players with a lot of momentum.

The 5v5 teams are split into Law and Breakers. The 5 game modes are all twists on common game modes like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. All modes in LawBreakers are score-based with a shared, contested objective until one team reaches the score limit. Uplink has players stealing a meter and charging back at their base. Occupy forces both teams to fight over control of a capture point that changes destination over the course of the match.


Some modes aren't are thrilling as others. In Overcharge, players share a single meter that is being filled. This causes matches to play out mostly the same. Blitzball was the most intense competitive mode but required the most cooperation. Players had to fight over a ball and score it in the opposing team's goal. For the most part, this game mode usually ends in a shutout.

LawBreakers doesn't allow you to pick your own mode or map, instead, everything is queue into a single option. Unless you create a custom game players will have to hope they get their favorite map or mode. This will most likely be fixed in a future update, offering a browsing option, but for now, this single option is vexing.

LawBreakers is an intense FPS where mobility is just as important as precision aiming. Learning how to fall and fly requires a bit of a learning curve but that's the thrill. Using gravity to your advantage and plowing through enemies as they were confetti. Some of the modes are lacking in excitement and the absence of a preferred option is frustrating but it doesn't ruin the overall experience. LawBreakers is a fast and tense shooter that allows you to propel yourself forward and use your recent kill as momentum for the next.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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