Trials Rising PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Trials Rising delivers an outstandingly challenging experience requires nothing but your best if you want to succeed.

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Feb 2019

Trials Rising captures the franchise’s signature motorcycle platforming action along with the intense challenges that come with it. The developers have remained dedicated to the game’s iconic formula and complex gameplay but at the same time provided a training option for newcomers without sacrificing the game’s core systems. Players diving into the series will need to devote time to learn the tricky systems while veterans will be able to pick and play just as always. Trials Rising delivers an outstandingly challenging experience requires nothing but your best if you want to succeed.

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Trials Rising has the player traveling the world competing in a series of races against similar hardcore motorcycle riders. The game is overflowing with tracks, each with their own medals and optional contracts to earn more points for cosmetics and vehicles. There’s always something to do and to thrive for as the player is constantly challenged to improve themselves.

That said, don’t expect an elementary experience. Trials Rising requires absolute dedication to learn the game’s systems. For example, balance, acceleration, and speed are all key to not only finishing with a good time but completing the track. While it may seem ideal to keep accelerating there are times the player will need to use the momentum of the slope to properly make a jump. This can lead to frustrating failures and wrecks, but Trials Rising is all about success from failure. Learning from your mistakes and getting better each time. Ubisoft has included the University of Trials which provides an extensive array of tutorials ranging from beginner to advance for players to learn.

Dynamic elements such as explosions, elevators, and circle ramps are constantly being introduced, keeping the player excited for what is to come. In one level you could be using a catapult to reach the ledge across a gap and another use the propeller of a plane to push yourself forward. Trials Rising has so many creative obstacles that the player must overcome to reach the Stadium Finals. After completing each League in Trials Rising the player is pitted against the best NPCs. There are 9 main leagues in the game with 2 unique locations and an additional 2 hidden leagues for the greatest players. That being said, those who wish to complete everything will find themselves dedicating weeks into Trials Rising.

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Of course, Trials Rising rewards the player with currency and loot boxes to purchase and earn new cosmetics and vehicles. Players earn both Trials Coins and Acorns to purchase various cosmetic items. Trial Coins can be earned by completing tracks, earning medals and completing contracts while Acorns are earned by finding in-game collectibles or playing in Global Multiplayer Sessions. A leveling system is also available, which unlocks Gear Crates that adds more cosmetics to the player’s closet. It’s a great system that constantly rewards you with new items.

There’s a multiplayer option that can serve as a great opportunity to prove to your friends you are the best player. Players can play both local and online with a new Tandem bike being offered in Trials Rising. The Tandem bike has 2 players working together, trying to balance and keep their momentum up. Global Multiplayer has 8 players competing in 3-round competitions. If you want to get really competitive players can play through Seasons and progress through Division where the top 100 players are placed into Legend Division. The best players are rewarded with exclusive items that cannot be earned any other way. It’s clear that Ubisoft wanted to keep the community connected and they’ve successfully done so by constantly updating the player with potential challengers.

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There are some minor concerns with Trials Rising that can make the experience frustrating. The most vexing being the absence of a complete restart option. Players can restart to their last checkpoint instantly but if you find yourself needing to restart the entire level you’ll need to leave and reselect the level.

Trials Rising is a difficult game that shows little mercy but rewards those who are willing to learn. The single-player alone has nearly 30 hours of tracks and optional content, with some only unlocked once you’ve met certain requirements. The multiplayer is the icing on this multi-layered cake and the level editor is the fruit toppings. Fans will be able to pick up and play without an issue but newcomers will have to dedicate a significant amount of time before becoming comfortable with the intricate gameplay mechanics. But those who commit the time to learn the elaborate mechanics will find a deeply rewarding game full of challenges to overcome and ways to show off your accomplishments.

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