Space Invaders Invincible Collection Nintendo Switch Review

Nostalgia invades your space.

By TAYLOS, Posted 03 Sep 2021

When you think back on pop culture, the name Space Invaders should not be a surprise. Taito has done well with this collection and what was originally only available in Japan has made its way to the USA. With the release of the Invincible Collection, players have the opportunity to comb through the past 40 years of arcade madness.

Players will notice that this version of Space Invaders has eleven titles included in this package, including a few new spins on the originals. While there are quite a few titles packed into this collection, there isn’t much to explore, but I’ll break down each game to give you an idea of what to expect.

Space Invaders, Invincible Collection, Nintendo Switch, Review, Screenshots, Gameplay

The original, Space Invaders, released in 1978, was the very first title in the game. This is the most recognizable title of the four different versions that were released back in the 70s. In the Invincible Collection you will find a color version present that takes advantage of the Switch’s graphics and sharp screen resolution. Space Invaders II, adds new patterns with the enemies you face, such as reinforcements and splitting in half. This is also the version that introduced leaderboards for the first time!

Besides the original Space Invaders, Taito also included a few versions of Majestic 12: The Space Invaders IV, the first big leap as far as presentation. The graphics are much easier on the eyes, introducing new ships, zone selections, new attacks, abduction, and various backgrounds. This title is a fresh spin on the originals and there’s even an alternate version, Super Space Invaders ’91, however, it doesn’t allow for zone selection.

Space Invaders DX, is quite the fun version, allowing you to play multiplayer and an update from the original, including ‘parody mode’ which uses sprite artwork from other Taito games like Bubble Bobble, Darius, and Arkanoid.

Space Invaders, Invincible Collection, Nintendo Switch, Review, Screenshots, Gameplay

The best experience in this collection is probably Space Invaders Extreme, the most modern feeling title that packs in all the goodies from the entire series as a whole. Gamers may remember this title being released on the Xbox 360, and this version includes all the graphical improvements as before, but now includes leaderboard rankings.

The graphics in this game are up to par and feature an array of aspect ratios for the hardcore players out there looking for a unique experience. I thought it was a little strange that these aspect ratios didn’t come for all the games, but since there is so much to digest, it was something I could overlook. The audio and music are really where it shines, adding such a unique element to every game. For instance, when the enemies draw closer to you, the mood in the music changes, inducing an anxiety-driven feeling of haste.

Space Invaders, Invincible Collection, Nintendo Switch, Review, Screenshots, Gameplay

As far as replay value, the Invincible Collection does have much in their museum content which was rather disappointing. The series has a long history, and although the game does a good job at showing that off, it still feels rather mum. It would have been nice to see some kind of video documentary on the making of the game.

The Space Invaders Invincible Collection features a ton of nostalgia in a nice little package – of course with a lot of similarities between. The added games (non-Space Invaders) are a welcome addition. The modern spin on this game is something to behold. Old school fans will feel right at home with this game and is a must-buy for those looking to relive those memories.

Tao Dawkins, NoobFeed

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Platform(s): Switch
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Release Date: 2021-08-17

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