F1 Manager 2022 PlayStation 5 Review

F1 Manager 2022 is a decent start to the inaugural game, and the hardcore Formula 1 fans will simply love playing it.

By Kratos, Posted 17 Sep 2022

Formula 1 is one of the most trending sports in the world. It gets people talking about it every day. Even the most casual fans would like to watch a few races every now and then. Just like virtually every other sport, Formula 1 requires a lot of focus at all times, especially when you are matching up against some of the best racers in the world. Hamilton, Verstappen, Leclerc, and that's just to name a few.

Plus, you are in a confined space and have to do things like pay attention to certain instructions. It’s clear that Formula 1 driving is a pretty difficult profession. But with the end goal being that you win the race, it all becomes worth it. And when it comes to Formula 1 games, this is no different—devoting your time to steering your driver to victory.

F1 Manager 2022, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Screenshots, F1 Racing, NoobFeed

Now, at least most of us have played a Formula 1 game in our lifetime and, along the lines, have gotten some insights into a driver’s experience. But what about managing the drivers? Has it ever crossed your mind how managers in this sport go about things? The instructions they give to their drivers and manage every other aspect of your team to ensure things run smoothly?

Welcome to F1 Manager 2022, where you finally take on the role of a Formula 1 manager. You’ve heard of Football Manager, right? Well, think of this game somewhat like that, but instead of managing a football club, you are managing a racing team. And there are many responsibilities you have. This is the inaugural season of this franchise, so it is best that this game is off to a great start. Unfortunately, I cannot really say that it has. Although, there is some potential.

F1 Manager 2022 is lacking in content. You pick a team, you manage them, and that’s it. I don’t want to be harsh because this is the first game, but this game is screaming for more flexibility. Especially a game that had received so much hype. There isn’t even an online mode. Although there are qualifying races and tournaments you can participate in, this is simply not enough.

This is a game I do not see myself or any other gamer grinding on. Unless, maybe, you are a hardcore Formula 1 fan. I cannot identify a reason why a player would spend many hours per day on this game. However, having said all this, the one game mode you are given, which is the career mode, does have some things to garner some interest. You and your team go through many intense races in order to become the best.

F1 Manager 2022, PlayStation 5, Review, Charles Leclerc, Carlos Saiza, Gameplay, Screenshots, F1 Racing, NoobFeed

F1 Manager 2022’s gameplay is the game’s highlight. And this is why I say that this game has potential. You get the most authentic experience of a Formula 1 manager. As mentioned, you are given many responsibilities, and you need to be alert at all times. Especially during a race. I will provide you with an example; you need to understand when to replace tires to prevent them from overheating. Also, you have to think of strategies for your drivers.

There’s also checking every part of the vehicle and ensuring they are in perfect condition, giving commands to your drivers. It doesn’t end there. I also had other duties outside of games. I had to check staff, facilities, finances, etc. thoroughly. These are just examples of the roles you have. Trust me; there’s far much more. Now imagine having to carry that load, especially during game sessions.

I am just thinking about one race that lasted almost an hour and thirty minutes. This is stressful sometimes because of how long some races last. During this race, I had to be fully focused while conducting regular checks on every section of both of my racer’s vehicles, as well as giving commands to ensure a successful race. That is a lot of pressure to have. Especially when you are playing for the first time. But the good news is that it will get easier with more playtime.

Despite the emphasis on how stressful it is being a Formula 1 manager, it was an exciting time. You are getting the best possible experience of being a manager of this sport. Plus, the button layouts are adjustable, and the performances of the Formula 1 cars and their mechanics during races themselves are ultra-realistic. It almost feels like I am managing and watching real-life races.

F1 Manager 2022, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Screenshots, F1 Racing, NoobFeed

F1 Manager 2022’s graphics are stunning. Like, really stunning. Probably one of the best visuals I have seen in current gen gaming. The level of photorealism that was is very impressive. Sometimes I felt like I was watching actual live races. Especially with the very flexible and fluid animations, they had implemented.

The designs of the Formula 1 cars are beautiful, and as for the drivers, they are just as great looking. Especially when you are on the main menu, and they are showcasing them. It gets even better when you play in the wonderful 4K resolution. Literally, everything looks much nicer. You can tell that the developer had taken their time with this area. Also, lights properly expose the colors and make them more attractive.

F1 Manager 2022’s audio is inconsistent and needs more work. The sounds of the Formula 1 vehicles are realistic, and you would thoroughly enjoy hearing them as you are in a session. The female voice-over is very helpful as she directs you and eloquently explains every part of the game, which can help you on and off the track.

However, the commentary is weak. It seems more robotic than natural as the lines are very limited, and every time someone speaks, it’s no longer than two sentences. The commentary doesn’t correctly flow with the races, and if you were to mute the game, it wouldn't make a difference. The same thing goes whenever you are applying commands to your drivers.


F1 Manager 2022 has the potential to lead a successful franchise. You are getting an understanding of the toughness of being a Formula 1 manager, and at the same time, you are getting a great experience. Not a shabby start for an inaugural game. However, the game is severely lacking in content, so unless you’re a hardcore fan of Formula 1, the game doesn’t offer much replayability. Perhaps, we will get more in the next game.

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