Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty PC Review

With new characters, various places, and different kinds of adventures, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is undeniably a must-have.

By Rayan, Posted 28 Sep 2023

Cyberpunk 2077 is a special game. Despite its not-so-memorable launch, it has still managed to revitalize the genre in many ways, not to mention the Cyberpunk vibe that it has spread across the game industry. CD Projekt Red's only mistake was to release the game on last-gen consoles when Cyberpunk 2077 was meant to be a game for the next-gen.

While all these facts and negativities had been recovered, CDPR announced the Phantom Liberty with a promise to provide a whole new experience; we didn't hesitate to believe, and guess what! We weren't wrong. When you know that the next major story update for a game you love will be the last, it's a bittersweet experience. CDPR's exceptional storytelling skills have always set them apart. The mix of action and narrative is just great, too. Flipping back and forth between them frequently enough to keep me fully invested in each.

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It's no secret that Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is fundamentally an enlargement of a spy-thriller. The plot is far more streamlined and conventional. Mi, aka Songbird, will start off the whole affair by calling us at the last minute and taking us into Dogtown on the condition that she can save V's life. Other people we'll encounter include Idris Elba's Solomon Reed, NUSA president Rosalind Myers, Colonel Kurt Hansen, and others.

The main quest line of Phantom Liberty happens in a linear fashion, although the game's plotline featured you completing numerous main quests at your own pace, each with its own set of plot threads, plots, and friendships to finish. Many Missions have numerous possible outcomes depending on your decisions, and most problems have more than one solution. You'll need to go through Phantom Liberty more than once to see all that becomes clear as the narrative progresses.

There's no need to hold your breath throughout the expansion. Some of the story's most memorable moments are ones in which nothing much happens; instead, they center on conversations between the characters rather than shooting. CD Projekt proves once again that first impressions are often deceiving and that beneath the ostentatious veneer lies a sharp mind and intellectual ability that will make you rethink your every move.

The former Corporate Rosa Walton is also one-dimensional, coming from a country where cutthroat politicians are the norm. Others, though, like Kurt Henson or even Mr. Hands, are occasionally given the spotlight. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty shows a more human aspect when few are privy to such a view and always makes you second-guess your choices and leaves you with additional questions in the end.

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It's easy to get the impression that Dogtown is much larger than it is. Because of its unique characteristics, the area has been divided into four distinct sections. Even inside this surreal Metropolis, areas like Longshore Stacks, Golden Pacific, Luxor Heights, and Terra Cognita each manage to capture a slightly unique atmosphere. You can tell it's divided up because of the many buildings and the varying heights they sit at, and the atmosphere here is unlike any other place in Night City.

The Pacifica setting is greatly expanded, and the Voodoo Boys, the local gang, also play a larger role. The Scavengers, meanwhile, continue to lurk in the shadows, joining the Barghest militia as formidable foes. However, there is no NCPD in Dogtown; instead, criminals face off against a specialized unit of Barghest warriors. There is a lot of supplementary material but no fresh CDPD scanner hustles. That's understandable, sadly, given that there's no NCPD in Dogtown.

However, the main story need not be a nonstop affair; there will be plenty of time between key objectives to explore Dogtown and the various side quests and gigs available. While many of the stories here are entirely new, some make subtle references to the main game. On the other hand, there are times of heightened criminal activity involving extensive battles against numerous foes.

Dogtown isn't just another part of Night City; it's its own city. It's smaller than Toussaint, yet it undoubtedly has just as much to offer as the larger Metropolis. Even after everything is complete, there will always be events to participate in, providing ample opportunity to put different constructs and weapons through their paces in combat.

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Speaking of combat, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty has undergone a major overhaul. This is largely due to adjustments made to other systems, such as perks, character makeovers, and cyberware. And not least of all because of the upgraded enemy AI. In combat, enemies are almost always more cunning than you are, using cover and ambush tactics to avoid your shots and gain the upper hand. This completely alters the rhythm and flow of every combat. The modifications are most apparent in Netrunning, but the overall fighting experience has been improved.

Some of your hacks have a little yellow label next to them that says traceable when you go into your Quick Hack menu. If you utilize one of them, an opposing Netrunner can track it back to you and learn where you are hiding. And every Netrunner can now hack you through any surveillance systems or hostile units that are targeting you. In addition, your enemy Netrunners have access to a considerably broader arsenal of fast hacks. This adds depth to the gameplay of Netrunner. You still have to watch out for other Netrunners, even if you aren't basing your character on that spec.

Vehicle combat, which was skipped from the initial cyberpunk release, has been added. It is now possible to whip out a weapon at any time while driving and open fire on anyone who seems dangerous. However, it's a letdown that the only weaponry available on pre-built vehicles are machine guns and rocket launchers.

In the end, despite the fact that vehicle modification and combat were not established as fully-fledged gameplay features in this game, it brings a few enjoyable alternatives when fighting gangs. Even though the newfound vehicle combat abilities are fun, don't expect to see them interwoven into the main story or any side quests. Besides Vehicle combat, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty features a vast arsenal of weapons, many of which may be obtained via the main story, and an arsenal of new weapons that are both numerous and powerful.

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Additionally, the Bargain's militia gives it a distinct vibe on the streets compared to Night City. They are much more powerful than the NCPD in battle, so if you choose to get messy with them—which you can do, as they are also the district's police forces—you can expect to face some new and unusual enemies and a lot of gunfire. However, Phantom Liberty has these unending dropout occurrences, which I really enjoyed.

There are frequent sightings and sounds of extremely valuable loot drops from the skies. Follow the trail of red smoke, and you'll find caches of incredibly valuable cargo containing tons of new Gear, skill shards, and other unlockable items. However, Bargain or other gangs will also rush to claim it for themselves, so be ready to battle your way to the resources.

There was a major overhaul in terms of the leveling system in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The complete redesign will make progressing through levels much more interesting. And your choices feel like they matter because of their greater impact on the story. As an example, the Netrunner build has several additional possibilities for vehicle-fighting thanks to the early unlockable perk of vehicle hacking. If you're a melee specialist, you'll be happy to know that the air dash and dash bonuses will become your greatest friends in combat.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg; the new skill program includes an aggression tree with five categories that each level up independently. The more you utilize a skill, the higher it will level up, and at specific level milestones, you will gain access to more passive upgrades or additional perk points. Therefore, if you aim for the Head, your Headhunter ability will develop, allowing you to deal more damage with headshots and making you less visible to enemies as you move about the map. While there are five other types of skill trees, the three main ones are Headhunter, Netrunner, Shinobi, and Engineer.

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The game doesn't hesitate to reward as well. As you progress through these missions, you'll unlock more vehicles, receive discounts on purchasing those vehicles, and access more items from vendors. My main gripe is that there aren't any fresh physical cyberware options, which is a bummer given the abundance of new NPCs that sport cool upgrades like cybernetic body armor and advanced AI.

It would be nice to have that on V. Though there are a variety of new and effective cyber mods, in addition to several previously existing mods that have been reworked and now have new effects. Also, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty includes additional cyber modifications, some of which may be more powerful than those in the main game.

The visual improvements are especially noticeable in the game's reflections, which are much larger and more detailed. However, I experienced a few glitches, mostly random animation errors. It was hard to fault anything about Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty in terms of performance. The game ran perfectly throughout its sixteen hours of campaign.

I must praise the game's sound engineering and voice acting since both were spot on. The voice performers for every major and minor new supporting character, as well as the ones that were never disclosed, did an excellent job creating a believable and emotionally engaging story. Idris Elba was a fantastic choice for the role, and Saul found that he resembled Johnny in many respects.


In the end, though, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is undeniably a must-have. There's so much extra there with this absolutely worthwhile DLC. Simply put, different characters, various places, and different kinds of adventures. It's like the main game's endings but with greater variety. The time investment is well justified by the increased level cap, the additional cyberware, and the interesting new story.

Depending on your decisions, you could end up on completely different tracks. There's a ton more to discover, and you'll be able to craft your own playstyle thanks to this, upping Cyberpunk 2077's replay value and role-playing possibilities significantly. If you're a Cyberpunk 2077 enthusiast and want the complete, definitive experience, you should give Phantom Liberty a go.

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