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By Daavpuke, Posted 13 Sep 2012

When mobile device games become popular, they often try to make a transition to other models. In the case of Tiny Troopers, this tactile war game lends itself to a PC format, due to the easy adaptation of pointing and clicking. It’s basic, a little too basic, but its core is fundamentally solid enough for an enjoyable experience with a ton of missions.

Tiny Troopers - NoobFeed Review

In Tiny Troopers, players manage a small squad of automated soldiers, who move in unison to the designated area that was clicked and shoot accordingly. The clean and slick textures are anything you’d expect from a mobile game, with simple but bright colors that keep the ambience breezy. At least environments and models aren’t jagged or besmirched by a low resolution; the adaptation refines the look for bigger screens. However, sounds are limited and can get tedious after a while; even if the quirky characters with high-pitched voices can be humorous. Compare it to an isometric Worms game, where a squad jumps into deserts and cities to rout out evil.

Missions play out one by one, with simple and short objectives. Players get a few characters and can spend Command Points to pump those up for the mission or to hire a specialist with additional firepower. From there, the short bursts follow themselves up in a similar way. The squad gets dropped and one button click makes them move to the designated point and the other button makes them all shoot the aimed spot.

Tiny Troopers - NoobFeed Review

Usually, the squad is ordered to clear out an area of bad guys and/or buildings. Since buildings and reinforcements might be a tad troublesome to just shoot down, there are also occasional explosive pickups. More so, players can spend command points to make drops for grenades, health packs or even airstrikes. With a short health bar and friendly fire active it will be important to stay clear of any danger. While this pretty much totals the entire game experience, it’s enough to create a pick up and play atmosphere to try a few missions now and again. More so, medals and special pickups can be found during missions to yield more command points and upgrade characters. Together with 3 different difficulties, there is enough to keep going for a few hours.
One challenge comes from the mortality in the game however. Players will want to keep their squad alive to make them rank up. More importantly, death is permanent, so that means that if a squad member goes down, they’ll never be seen again. All the work on that character will be lost. This creates some extra tension, as lives are precious in Tiny Troopers.

There is nothing revolutionary about Tiny Troopers. With simple controls and simple gameplay, the sum of its parts isn’t much more than first presented. It is however built adequately and should provide gamers with hours of gameplay fun, with little complications. Avid fans may even spike up the difficulty for bragging rights.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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Tiny Troopers


Platform(s): PC, Mobile
Publisher(s): Iceberg Interactive
Developer(s): Kukouri Mobile Entertainment
Genres: Action
Themes: Action
Release Date: 2012-08-24

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