The Walking Dead: The Game, New Season 2 Predictions

The Walking Dead: Season 2 predictions based on the information provided in 400 Day.

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Jul 2013

This article contains spoilers of The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 400 Days.

This week DLC for The Walking Dead: The Game was released called 400 Days. After playing through this title I started to question my previous predictions of Season 2. I’ve decided to go through “The Walking Dead: Season 2 Predictions” and reevaluate my predictions based on the information provided in 400 Days.

Clementine’s New Protectors

My first prediction dealt with Clementine’s fate. At the end of Episode 5: No Time Left, Clementine successfully escaped Savannah and found herself in the countryside with nothing but a gun and the survival skills she learned from Lee. Clementine spots two figures on the hill and I assumed that they could be Omid and Christa. However, after playing 400 Days my speculations about the identity of these people has shifted.

At the end of 400 Days the five characters you were controlling are confronted by a survivor named Tavia whose job is to rescue other survivors in order to rebuild a community. The decisions you made in each characters personal story determined whether they chose to accompany Tavia to this settlement or not. Could the characters in 400 Days become Clementine’s new protectors and are the two figures that Clementine sees on the hill the same people who joined that settlement at the end of 400 Days? Or could they be those who decided to stay behind?

Omid and Christa

In light of this new settlement could the optimistic history enthusiast Omid and his pregnant girlfriend Christa join this group as well? If Christa didn’t terminate the pregnancy through gulping down that large amount of alcohol or having a miscarriage from some other reason it’s clear that she won’t be able to travel for much longer in her condition. Could Omid and Christa stumble onto this new society after being unable to find Clementine in the zombie infested city? I doubt Telltale Games will abandon the tenacious couple in Season 2 because, other than Clementine, they’re the only ones still part of the original group that haven't died or been thrown out.

Lily’s Return

In Episode 3: Long Road Ahead, Lily’s fate wasn’t solidified. Whether you chose to take Lily with you, after murdering Doug or Carley in a fit of rage, to the train or abandon her on the side of the road, it’s unknown what happened to the former Air Force soldier. Perhaps we’ll run into her in this new community, and if found by Clementine how will she react?

New Society

This new community being built has to be significant in The Walking Dead: Season 2. 400 Days led up to this ending, but for those keeping up with The Walking Dead television series, or the comics, knows that these settlements always harbor dark secrets. However Woodbury is located in Georgia, could The Governor be making an appearance in the video game or will this be an entirely new location?

New Characters

The amount of crazy things that occurred throughout 400 Days is overwhelming. Whether it was Vincent’s criminal past, the fate of Wyatt’s friend Eddie, Russell’s new outlook on life after dealing with Nate, the bag Dee stole from a pack of bandits, or Shel’s relationship with Becca mirroring Lee and Clementine’s. Each one of them added new story elements that can reemerge during Season 2 in unknown ways. For example Vincent did murder someone who talked about his brother and ran by the Macon drugstore that Lee’s family owned; perhaps Vincent and Lee are connected. For now these questions have been added to the pile, along with everything from Season One's ending.

400 Days injected new information and altered my thoughts on what is to come with Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game. The introduction of new characters and this settlement alters what could happen to Clementine and the remaining survivors of Season 1. Will these new survivors become Clementine’s new protectors and will this new settlement became another nightmare the little girl will have to overcome? Hopefully Season 2 will be releasing soon so these haunting questions can finally be put to rest.

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