Top Five Amazon Cyber Monday Deals

You won’t regret buying them a single bit.

By Advertise, Posted 02 Dec 2013

Holidays are looming in and organizations are throwing off as many deals as they can on ways. While Steam has launched its Autumn Sale, Amazon didn’t sit ideal but to start their Cyber Monday Deals. Most of the deals are incredibly tempting, and especially these listed five below. If you haven’t picked up them already, we highly recommend that you do now. You won’t regret buying them a single bit.

Battlefield 4 - $39.99

Battlefield 4 Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is outstanding and definitely the primary reason for getting DICE’s latest title. Being the first game to use the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield has shown that DICE’s creation has a bright future ahead of itself. The campaign is a sluggish addition and might delight those looking for heavy action without any sense of direction. But the multiplayer is an absolute delight. Grab on if you haven’t already.

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition - $7.49

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition is a game almost without comfort. It will consume much of your time, patience and sense of strategy, but also give you a sense of completeness for the effort spent. Dark Souls offers a larger world for players to explore, and they’re pretty much free to do whatever they want. If you feel brave enough to take up this challenge, you are on your own, but if you perceive the rules and are able to get the best out of them, the experience is definitely worthwhile.

Bioshock Triple Pack - $14.99

Bioshock Triple Pack includes all three Bioshock games. There’s nothing much to say about this series. Amazing story with well matched gameplay makes Bioshock series one of the best series of this generation. According to Editors of NoobFeed, BioShock's creepy yet compelling atmosphere and its innovative gameplay make this game a must buy. And, Bioshock: Infinite is not only a contender for game of the year but best game of this generation.

Batman Arkham Origins - $19.56

Batman Arkham Origins Batman: Arkham Origins manages to stay the course with a mixture of many basic systems that work. It’s a convergence of skillful designs, creating a giant world that’s much more than the sum of its parts and has tons to offer anyone willing to get lost in it. Bat fan or not, with only $19.56, it’s a real bargain.

The XCOM Collection - $9.99

The XCOM Collection XCOM Enemy Unknown has been selected as the GOTY not only in our site, but in almost every other gaming site. And the complete collection for $9.99 has to be the deal of this time.

This is all for today. We’ll come back with more such offers for you to dig into. Feel free to give us your feedback, and we’re sorry of these deals cut of wallet’s weight.


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