Top Five Amazing Amazon Deals

The folks of NoobFeed have decided to put together the top five games that you won’t regret buying.

By Advertise, Posted 04 Dec 2013

There have been some amazing Amazon deals going on lately. Probably due to the Next-Gen console release, or for the ongoing Steam sale, many have overlooked them. So the folks of NoobFeed have decided to put together the top five games that you won’t regret buying.

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Bioshock Triple Pack - $14.99 (81% Off)

Bioshock Triple Pack includes all three Bioshock games. There’s nothing much to say about this series. Amazing story with well matched gameplay makes Bioshock series one of the best series of this generation. According to Editors of NoobFeed, BioShock's creepy yet compelling atmosphere and its innovative gameplay make this game a must buy. And, Bioshock: Infinite is not only a contender for game of the year but best game of this generation.

Max Payne 3 + Season Pass - $6.99 (80% Off) 

Max Payne 3 + Season Pass Max Payne 3 uses standard third-person mechanics and combines them with brutal shootouts, a captivating story, and Max Payne’s bullet time ability, makes this successor to the Max Payne franchise a fantastic game from beginning to end. 

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - $29.99 (50% Off) 

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag There is a vice for every whim only a few paces away at any time in the game and that in a multitude of ways. It reaches such extents that this can be fully detached from any other elements that would make the game seem less interesting than the entertainment masterpiece it is now. Don’t witness the game; play the game. Live free of rules. It’s a pirate’s life.

Sleeping Dogs - $12.49 (50% Off)

Sleeping Dogs Some might view Sleeping Dogs as an alternative to other open world experiences like Grand Theft Auto. That view might be a little short-sighted however, as there is much more depth to enjoy here. With gorgeous and engaging scenery, the horizon beckons players to dwell within the seedy world of Hong Kong. Even if it has a few slight issues, they can be forgiven when leveraged against the expertly produced content brought to the table. Anyone would be hard-fought not to be both entertained and moved by the time the credits roll. Even so, there will be much more to complete after said end. Sleeping Dogs is good; very good.

Borderlands 2 & Borderlands GOTY Pack - $11.99 (83% Off)

BORDERLANDS 2 AND BORDERLANDS GOTY Pack If you played Borderlands then you’ll feel right at home with Borderlands 2. Gearbox doesn’t attempt to go beyond what the original title did but instead builds on what made the first game great with new additions and refinements, making it a successful successor to the original game. While it can feel hollow at times with similar objectives and lack of separate save files, the world of Pandora is full of adventures that you will want to spend hours exploring, completing missions, and getting better loot. So raise you guns high and let’s starting hunting for treasure.

Don't judge these games by their release date. They are still as much fun as they were when came out fresh. And we hope that you'll like playing these games as much as we did.

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