Top 5 Saddest Video Game Moments

We all have our own favorite and these are mine

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Jun 2014

Not every scene has needs intense action or spectacular explosions, instead some of the most memorable scenes are heartbreaking. Whether it was Commander Shepard’s final speech to his partner or Joel crying over the body of his daughter, these depressing scenes create a sense of realism for these worlds and characters. We all have our own favorite and these are mine. 

5. Lee Everett's Death

Lee Everett,The Walking Dead,Telltale Games,noobfeed
"I'll miss you"

The Walking Dead from Telltale Games was one of the most memorable moments of 2012. Saturated with difficult decisions and profound choices nothing was more emotionally taxing than the last moments between Lee Everett and Clementine. Despite saving Clementine from a vindictive psychopath Lee’s only reward was to succumb to the walker plague. It’s here that Lee passes the torch to Clementine and gives his final words of advice before asking Clementine to let him turn or shoot him. 

4. Cortana’s Farewell

Halo 4,Cortana,noobfeed
"I've waited so long to do that."

Master Chief has accomplished the impossible over and over, but despite this legendary warrior couldn’t save Cortana. Having just saved humanity again John speaks to Cortana not realizing that she sacrificed herself to save him. In their final moments John looks in disbelief as his closest ally fades before his eyes before being rescued by the UNSC. Despite being constantly claimed by the UNSC as a heartless killing machine John is still very much human and judging from the teasers for Halo 5: Guardians he isn’t going to let Cortana go.  

3. Zack’s Final Stand

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7,noobfeed,final fantasy,zack
"You'll living legacy."

Knowing Zack’s fate from the beginning of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 didn’t make his final moments any less impacting. Outnumbered and overpowered Zack fought the Shinra army before succumbing to his wounds. The memories of everyone who affected his life began to flash before his eyes and fading just as quick. With death just mere moments away Zack passes his life and prized posession  to Cloud, calling him his “Living Legacy” before dying. In the end Zack was a true hero.

2. Xion’s Death

Kingdom Hearts,Xion,Noobfeed
"Never forget. That's the truth."

It’s shocking to see such a profound moment in a video game meant for children. Xion, a puppet made to used by Organization XIII to contain Sora's energy if Roxas proved uncontrollable. Despite this Xion develops her own personality due to the friendship and kindness of both Axel and Roxas. After learning about her goal to become a new Sora Xion rebelled against her creators and forced Roxas to absorb her in order to save him from disappearing. In her last moments Roxas and Xion share an emotional conversation with Xion explaining that she regrets nothing, especially for meeting Roxas or Axel. After pleading with Roxas to not let Xemnas win Xion dies in Roxas’s arms but not before the Nobody remembers her name as she begins to slowly fade from everyone’s memories.

1. Snow’s Suicide

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII,Noobfeed,Adam Siddiqui,Snow
"This is what I deserve! I know it, and you know it!"

Since the beginning of the series the muscled hero was always shown as an optimist, always willing to look for the brightest light in the darkness situation. While bland it was in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that we see Snow at his best and worst. The powerful L’Cie still attempted to save the world from it’s inevitable destruction but failed. In his last moments we find out that everyday since the Chaos flowed into the world Snow has blamed himself for everything that transpired, including Sarah’s death. Before absorbing the last of the Chaos energy and temporary saving everyone in Yusnaan Snow tells Lightning about his failures assuming that becoming a Cie’th is all he deserves before asking his sister-in-law to euthanize him before he could hurt anyone else. 

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