The 8 Most Disappointing Xbox Exclusive Games of all Time

The worst Xbox games released

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Jun 2018

Since jumping into the console market with the Xbox on November 15, 2001, Microsoft has become one of the gaming biggest gaming giants. With an array of exclusive titles such as Halo and Gears of War, the Xbox console has gained a notorious following. However, while there are a lot of great games to have come out on Microsoft's consoles there are also many disappointing titles. Here are the most disappointing Xbox exclusive games.

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Ryse: Son of Rome

The Xbox One was struggling since its debut and Ryse: Son of Rome didn't help. The game was beautiful but the gameplay was mediocre at best. The overuse of quick time events promptly drained any enthusiasm for combat. Coupled with repetitive enemies and simplistic fighting mechanics and Ryse: Son of Rome was another stumble in Microsoft's poor start this generation.

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Fable Series

The Fable series has been one of the most disappointing games not because of quality but because of developer Peter Molyneux. Over-enthusiastic descriptions and promises that would eventually be broken when the final products released caused many to lose faith in the series. Each Fable never reached the acclaimed assured by Molyneux. While not a bad set of fantasy RPGs the Fable series reputation's has been cemented for being less ambitious than the advertised product.

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Blinx: The Time Sweeper

Back when the Xbox first released Microsoft was hungry to release exclusive titles to help bolster the popularity of the system. Halo had already done much of the heavy lifting but other titles were needed to encourage sales. Blinx: The Time Sweeper was intended to be Microsoft's answer to the platforming audience.

As you might expect the first game received average scores and critics from gamers. The use of time-manipulation powers and using trash as a weapon was an interesting idea but the game was quickly overshadowed by the PS2's juggernaut platformers such as Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank which released the same year. Compared to Sony's exclusive platformers Blinx's adventures weren't even average anymore.

Super Luckys Tale,NoobFeed,Microsoft,

Super Lucky's Tale

Ratchet and Clank PS4 proved that classic platformers can survive in the modern generation if done right. A combination of fun gameplay, colorful worlds, and a story to hold it all together can provide a fantastic experience. That's not the case with Super Lucky's Tale which includes difficult controls, a short forgettable tale, and a collection-based progression system. As a platformer, it simply provided the bare minimum.

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Quantum Break

From the creators of Alan Wake and Max Payne, many thought Quantum Break would've been a new exciting IP but those hopes were quickly dashed aside when the game released. The time powers and graphics were amazing but the story mixed together live-action television episodes and gameplay to create massive breaks within the gameplay. The campaign itself was uneventful as you ran through linear stages and fought generic enemies. The time manipulation powers were fun to use and dynamic environments where time collapsed provided interesting puzzle challenges but Quantum Break's shortcomings were too many. 

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Sea of Thieves

Microsoft's latest exclusive and Rare's newest game was dull, to say the least. Sea of Thieves was highly anticipated because the Xbox One has very little exclusives compared to the PS4 and the newcomer Nintendo Switch. When Sea of Thieves launched criticism of a shallow progression, repeating objectives, and no sense of progression vexed the gaming community. While Rare has been providing updates since the game's launch many have abandoned ship for other titles.

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Crimson Dragon

Serving as the spiritual successor to the incredible Panzer Dragoon series, specifically Panzer Dragoon: Orta, Crimson Dragon was disappointing in almost every way. Unlike Orta the visuals were poor, the music dull, and tawdry control scheme meant this successor a step backward in every category. Play Panzer Dragoon: Orta instead, you'll have a much better experience.

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Halo 5: Guardians

Shocked, you shouldn't be. Halo 5: Guardians was a massive departure from the core series, so much that it's hard to call it a Halo game. The 4-hour campaign was full of repeating boss fights and playing as a character no one wanted. What added salt to the wounds was the game ended on a cliff-hanger that was more infuriating than Halo 2's ending. Adding sprint and other movement enhancements shifting the gameplay dramatically, making it more into other shooters like Titanfall or Call of DutyHalo 5: Guardians isn't Halo and it left many wondering what exactly is it?

What were your most disappointing Xbox exclusives? Let us hear your opinions in the comments below!

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