Is Destiny Over?

Should you continue playing Destiny?

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Feb 2016

It’s hard to argue that Destiny failed to live up the high-acclaim many set for it. With a rocky launch due to lack-luster endgame content, an upsetting loot system and a poor delivery of story many attempted to find solace in the game’s strong gameplay mechanics. After the release of The Taken King these issues were mostly resolved, however it was also the final expansion for the game. Bungie has attempted to keep players actively logging into the game by offering new modes and timed events but recently a survey has surfaced highlighting that the player count is quickly falling. With The Division knocking may be it’s time for everyone to move on from Destiny. 

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The Taken King, Destiny’s final expansion, left a positive impression on a lot of gamers. It introduced a new leveling system, encouraged players to continue playing thanks to a refined loot system that constantly granted better gear and actually gave players a story worth investing time into rather than looking up information on Bungie’s official site. It was Destiny’s final DLC and finished off Bungie’s latest game on a high note.

What’s next? That was an issue many fans contended with, as the final piece of DLC the desire to collect more loot, outside from completing the achievement/trophy list, was mostly nonexistent. The arena modes did keep players busy, after all Destiny’s competitive maps are wonderfully designed. However now that an extended period of time has passed since The Taken King. The addition of new modes such as Sparrow Racing and Crimson Doubles are average additions but isn’t enough to encourage gamers to return. There’s very little reason exist to continue playing.

Chances are Destiny’s won’t have any more raids for players to take advantage of the high level gear. In addition if new difficultly modes are added most likely they’ll simply be revisions of already established Strike missions. Defeating the same boss over and over using different limitations doesn’t sound fun, it’s sounds annoying. Unless a brand new expansion releases that takes advantage of The Taken King’s refinements and builds on Destiny’s story gamers are going to look elsewhere for new experiences.

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Destiny has had a long run, most games don’t last as long as it did. Yes, the launch was upsetting but Bungie showed with The Taken King expansion that Destiny can become a great franchise. However it’s clear, the time of Destiny is over.

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