Mysteries Left Behind in the Original Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect mysteries that will go unsolved

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Mar 2017

Mass Effect: Andromeda is a brand new start for the franchise. BioWare has already confirmed that the game will not feature any familiar faces and that the Commander Shepard trilogy will be left as it is. However, this leaves behind unanswered questions. These are questions that we will never get answers for.

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Leviathans Replace Reapers

Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in the Mass Effect universe was where did the Reapers come from? In the DLC story expansion, Leviathan, we learn that the Reapers were creations of ancient beings known as Leviathans.

In an attempt to stop the subordinate races from killing each other through building synthetics and keep tributes flowing they invented an AI to find the answer. With the goal of preserving all life.

The Leviathans did not perceive their creation as a threat and the construct went on gathering data my using an army to collect samples, similar to the Collectors. The AI concluded that its creators were the threat and turned against them.

The Intelligence, with the aid of its army, attacked swiftly and brutally. Enough to kill and gather enough Leviathans genetic material to forge the first Reaper Harbinger. Harbinger would begin the cycle, killing off advanced races to preserve all life and create more Reapers.

One question that remains is what the Leviathans will do after the war. Will they return to the depths and go back into hiding or attempt to seize their position as the apex race. Since Andromeda doesn’t take place in the Milky Way we have no way of knowing what happens.

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Commander Shepard’s Survival

If you choose the Renegade option and killed all synthetic life, Geth, Reapers, and anything synthetic, you get another scene where we see a badly wounded soldier with an N7 tag taking a breath. Many speculate that this is Commander Shepard, having survived the blast. It’s possible, and while he’s technically a synthetic Commander Shepard isn’t someone who dies easily. We’ll never know if Shepard survived the Reapers attack, but like the ending, it’s a matter of perspective.

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What do the Quarians Look Like?

One of the biggest disappoints in Mass Effect 3 was Tali’s face. Gamers are still vexed how BioWare delivered this heavily anticipated moment, with a photoshopped image. We still don’t have a proper image of the Quarians and for now, we don’t know if Quarians will join the Andromeda Initiative. Considering their weak immune system it’s unlikely. We will never see Tali again, however, if the Quarians do appear in Andromeda BioWare has a second chance to deliver!

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 21st for Xbox One, PS4, and PC Origin. Those with Origin or EA Access can start playing on March 16th.

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