There, Now Divinity: Original Sin Has A Clear Indication Of Its GOG Fair Price Package

We're not saying we made this Divinity: Original Sin GOG thing happen, but we sort of kind of totally did.

By Daavpuke, Posted 11 Jul 2014

Allow me to make this news post personal, because it’s not often we have a direct impact on anything. You may know me as a stickler for pricing points and wanting to have the best and fairest deal for you the consumer, as well as developers and other companies. It’s as such that when Divinity: Original Sin launched on on July 9, I sent the online store a question about their pricing.

Divinity: Original Sin,PC,RPG,GOG,Fair Price employs a single currency model on all but the least pleasurable of companies that force them into other deals. Belgian developer Larian Studios is one of those companies that defend ludicrously unbalanced pricing. It’s a Flemish thing, trust me. So, Divinity: Original Sin is €39.99 on as well, instead of $39.99. To give you an idea, the European price is closer to $55. It’s not exactly similar.

There is an upside to GOG’s policies, however, as it recently notified its community it would pay out of pocket to uphold single currency pricing, even if companies forced them otherwise. So, if you buy a game under their Fair Price model, you’ll receive additional game code vouchers or store credit. That’s good inside knowledge, but when Divinity: Original Sin launched on, it wasn’t stated on the game page that a purchase came with this deal. Here, consumers and company alike would be better off being upfront and telling potential customers of the Fair Price model, right there on the store page.

Well, my question to GOG waswhat the choice is behind not putting up the indication for a Fair Price model on these affected games and if there are plans to put up an indication in the future.” As with a lot of gaming industry question asking, some call it journalism, there was an odd two-day delay, before I prompted the good folks there for some response. Lo and behold; Piotr Szczesniak suddenly responded with:

“We are informing users about the Fair Price Package both in the newspost associated with the game and on the game page.”

Divinity: Original Sin,PC,RPG,GOG,Fair Price

If you check the page now, you’ll see the Fair Price marker right there atop the buy button, right where it should be. Moreover, there’s now a conveniently extra bolded added explanation in the description, complete with a link with the fully transparent explanation of what a Fair Price indication means. The message in the description states:

We're offering a Fair Price Package with this title, so everyone who is adversely affected by the regional pricing plan will be compensated with bonus codes. You will find yours in your order confirmation email.

Additionally, the GOG representative told us the following on our other question:

As to store credit - this is still an upcoming feature. For now gamers are receiving game codes for $5.99, $9.99, or a combination of those two, depending on your price difference.

So, what does that mean specifically for buying Divinity Original Sin on Here’s the breakdown from the GOG info page:

If you paid 36.99 EUR, you will get one $9.99 code.

If you paid 39.99 EUR, you will get one $5.99 and one $9.99 code.

If you paid 29.99 GBP, you will get two $5.99 codes.

As for the DLC, if you paid in EUR or GBP, you will get one $5.99 code.

With that all said and done, is your best option by far now, if you’re a European in the market for Divnity: Original Sin. If you hurry to buy it, you can check out if your game code can unlock Shadowrun Returns on the store, since it’s on sale this weekend for $5.99. If not, they have a bunch of other cool games you can snap up, so no worries.

Oh yes, we’re totally taking part of the credit on making this clarification happen here. Informing everyone is always better than just informing some. You’d like to know exactly what you’re getting into when buying something, right?

Who’s looking out for you, pretty much 24/7? You’re welcome.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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