Halo 5 Microtransactions Sell Big

Halo 5 Microtransactions Generates Over One Million Dollars

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Dec 2015

People must really love microtransactions because Microsoft has announced that Halo 5: Guardians Req packs have generated over $1 million since it was released.

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On November 5th the games’ Req packs accumulated $500,000 and on November 19 reached $700,000. It was revealed that the funds will be added to the Halo World Championship prize pool, making the prize pool now $2 million. Since only a portion of the funds made from microtransactions are being placed into the Halo World Championship winnings it’s safe to assume that the Halo 5 Req packs have made much more than $1 million.

Developer 343 Industries continues to stir excitement over purchasing these packs by offering premium Req packs such as the recent Battle of Shadow and Light expansion sale, which added 48 new packs. Even more packs are set to release in December as part of the Cartographer’s Gift update.

Halo 5 released on Xbox One on October 27 with average reviews. I reviewed the game, praising the game’s gameplay changed but criticizing the poor campaign. 

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