New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Shows New Planet, New Skills, Combat, and Much More

Mass Effect: Andromeda has a new class called Explorer!

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jan 2017

During the NVIDIA Keynote event in Las Vegas BioWare revealed brand new footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda running on a PC powered by GTX 1080 video card.

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The video features a small portion of a loyalty mission for your Asari companion Peebee including a planet covered in lava and rock, bipedal hostile enemies, skill progression, and combat.

The skill revealed highlights the ability to change character dynamically using something called the Profile system. The tree showed that new profiles become unlockable through progression that include Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard, Infiltrator, and a new class called Explorer. Like Mass Effect 3 progression will branch after 3 skill points are invested into a talent into 2 subcategories.

General Manager of BioWare, Aaryn Flynn, explained that the mission shown will give context into Peebee's background and the "Remnant" which are the mechanical enemies shown.

Mass Effect Andromeda,Gameplay,Screenshots,Trailer,NoobFeed,BioWare,EA,

Shown on Peebee's loadout are old abilities such as Pull and Shockwave but also a new ability called Invasion.

We also see a HUD of a female ally called Cora that is never shown.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was confirmed today to release on March 21st for US territories and the 23nd for EU and UK.

Source: BioWare

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