Update 7 Adds New Modes To Dropzone, One Week Until Free-to-Play Launch

A party system and multi-queuing are also included in the latest Dropzone update.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Apr 2017

The latest Dropzone update hit servers today adding a bunch of interesting things. For starters, a 3v3 mode is now available where players control one Rig instead of three. Apart from having a different dynamic than what was on offer until now, the mode will also suit newer players who want to learn Rigs better, or, at a slower pace. Ranked Play has also hit live servers being available in 1v1 format and not allowing duplicate Rigs.

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Multi-queuing has been added to the game, except for Infestation games which will be coming in the near future, as has a persistent party system. Naturally, bug fixes and balance changes are also part of the package and can be found in the patch notes.

Dropzone will also release as a Free-to-Play title, a move planned from the very start, on the 12th of April. You can give our Dropzone Early Access Preview a read, to find out what we thought about it.

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