Dawn Of War III Receives First Balance Update

Leaderboards are also included in the latest Dawn Of War III patch.

By Woozie, Posted 31 May 2017

Dawn Of War III has been out for a while now and players battling each other in multiplayer have been asking for a balance patch. It just so happens that one was released today and it brings a large amount of tweaks with it. Perhaps the most obvious addition are Leaderboards, alongside improvements to the Opponent AI for skirmishes and campaign. The balance changes coming with the update only apply to multiplayer.

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Among the hefty amount of unit changes, we're talking about Tactical Marine damage buffs and reinforcement cost reduction. Assault Marines have received a major nerf to their Assault Jump ability damage. Dire Avengers were also hit with a handful of nerfs, while Deffkoptas are a tad more healthier. A good amount of population cost changes and bug fixes also come with today's patch. You can head over to the game's website for the full patch notes.

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