Battleborn Gets Free Trial

This essentially means that Battleborn is now a free to play title.

By Woozie, Posted 06 Jun 2017

Battleborn showed some promise, as I mentioned in my Battleborn Preview, but never quite made it to becoming a hit title of last year's. This might be, in part, to launching fairly closely to a little title called Overwatch which has been eating plenty of gamer souls since. Heading over to Steam, you'll find people complaining about having difficulties getting into matches due to a small community. This might now change, as Battleborn is going free to play.

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The Free Trial will allow access to Battleborn's competitive multiplayer modes and maps, including a weekly rotation of 6 heroes out of the total 30. Account progression will be permanent and new players have a queue designed for them, making sure that before reaching level 20 you won't get stomped by teams of people who've been playing since launch. Tutorials and a Dojo where any of the 30 heroes can be tested against minions are also part of the trial. In order to unlock stuff like story missions, cosmetics or heroes, players can use in-game currency or Platinum premium currency (the real life money one)  in the Marketplace. Those who've purchased Battleborn prior to the 6th of June 2017 will receive Founder status and goodies including Legendary gear, 1000 platinum and 50000 credits. The trial is available now on Steam and Xbox One. Those from the Americas who game on PS4 also have access to it now, with European and Japanese PS4 users having to wait until June 13th to give it a shot. Have a look at the full announcement for all the info.

Do you think this move will breathe new life into Gearbox's title? Let us know in the comments below.

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